The Super Spud Trilogy (2020)

The Super Spud Trilogy Genetic engineering has accomplished many things one of which has been to create the Super Spud The humble potato elevated to new heights creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind
  • Title: The Super Spud Trilogy
  • Author: Michael Diack
  • ISBN: 9781780033273
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Super Spud Trilogy
    Genetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind But that s not all A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use by date They take on a life of their own And so long as they remaGenetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind But that s not all A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use by date They take on a life of their own And so long as they remain undetected by humans, they enjoy life in their own Super Spud cities, take part in major Super Spud sporting events and even start the odd Super Spud war or two Join Colin, Cougar, Hannibal Vector, Generals Rock, Jock and Strap and all the others in their rollicking adventures You ll never look at a packet of crisps in the same way again Fun, quirky and totally original.
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    1. Crisp writingA terrific little book suitable for the young at heart and possibly those with a secret admiration for the humble spud It s completely normal to anthropomorphise inanimate objects I did it myself with a short film about a psychotic telephone many years ago What isn t so normal is to imagine crisps or potato chips as our American cousins call them , with personalities and lives full of adventure even if those lives are occasionally short and their endings violent In fact, it s so abn [...]

    2. The things that go on in the world that we, as humans, are not even aware of Super Spuds live in rubbish dumps all over the world fighting wars with discarded lolly sticks, water bottle bombs, lusting over one another, marvelling over other flavours, which, by the way, signifies a Super Spud s personality.The trilogy was contained all in one book not quite separate stories so can t be read out of sequence, but it was such a strange book I wasn t sure if I d enjoy it, to be honest, and it did tak [...]

    3. MAGICAL MAGNETIZING I loved the author s sense of humor and wonderful, magnetic imagination.Whether we like it or not genetic engineering is here to stay.The Super Spud Trilogy is different from most novels I have read But, I will say this novel definitely took on a life of its own I will never look the same way at a package of potato chips Being a Jeannie I believe in magic and the first thing you need to know is that Super Spuds have magical powers I don t think you will look on seasonings in [...]

    4. This is one of the most creative and different books I ve read It was witty and original, with some of the best dialogue I ve seen The plot is hard to describe as there is a lot that happens, but there are these superspuds who have human like qualities, and a lot of strange variations we d never think of Now I never want to open another bag of chips for fear of killing these magical delights I think this is a good book for teens and adults, and if you don t laugh out loud several times you might [...]

    5. I wasn t altogether sure what to expect from Michael Diack s The Super Spud Trilogy Before starting it I told myself this book would be one of two things imaginatively entertaining or unspeakably cheesy insert obligatory nacho reference here A book about the secret lives of potato chips Really Yes, really The Super Spud Trilogy is an amusing, witty and original set of tales, guaranteed to make you look twice the next time you browse the snack aisle at your local grocer Sure the brightly colored [...]

    6. A Nice Fun, Crisp CollectionThis was a pleasure to read The writing is quick, smooth, and well edited.We are presented with a trilogy of long stories novellas about the super spuds, a type of elite, sentient, potato chip crisp.If you have an aversion to potatoes, salty snacks, or talking crisps, this book is not for you But, if you enjoy a fun, wacky, humorous ride through crisp dom and all the strange adventures that may ensue, hop on board It is nice to have all three books in one volume you w [...]

    7. Super Spuds are genetically modified potato chips that were created to provide the most flavour But once a Super Spud expires something amazing happens, they take on a life of their own There are cities filled with them, they have sports tournaments, even wars The only rules Don t let the humans see you and don t open the package in any way Any violation of those rules means instand death.The world that Michael Diack created was one weird, funny and unique place to spend my days while reading th [...]

    8. First of all, this was definitely my style of book I will be certain to emphasize the positive, and I do not blame the author for my not connecting with the characters I feel ths book would be excellent for tweens or even young adults But I guess I m just not enough of a kid at heart To the author s credit, the idea behind the story is very intriguing Genetically modified potatoes that can magically come to life Sounds interesting, indeed And the story is clean no sex, superfluous violence, or p [...]

    9. I m in absolute awe at the distance to which a person s imagination can travel This book is so incredibly original it s not the average person that dreams up the parallel existence of some gentetically modified crisps Super Spuds living a very human life and experiencing similar emotions The author does this so well, attributing characteristics and personalities to the different flavours This makes for a higly original, quirky and witty read, as we follow their adventures The humour in the book [...]

    10. I love the concept, and found myself chuckling a lot while I was reading it The brisk pacing and crisp writing makes the story feel like it moves in very fast, episodic chapters I enjoyed it when my wife was reading out loud to me while I cleaned, but it was difficult to devote my full attention to it, because I found myself wanting detail, a different flow to the dialogue, and wanting a bit time to breath between plot arcs Personal quibbles though.I didn t connect as much with the characters [...]

    11. Super Spud is super witty in a gentle sort of way, or is it Once I was into the story I started thinking this is actually quite a satirical stab at how we are, at our foibles Nothing is sacred, even life The story rocks along in a pacy way and does not take itself seriously The writing is clear and easy on the eye It feels intelligent also I haven t finished the story yet, but I will because it has won me over now The description of a war between two super spud societies is so archly satirical i [...]

    12. ONG lol what did I just read Haha this has to be one of the most, if not THE most clever, original, and funny books I ve ever read I was chuckling almost from the beginning and I ll never be able to look at potato chips or crisps the same way again Much like what happened after I saw the movie Antz I could totally see this book or its concept being a movie, or even better a tv show cartoon on Adult Swim Epic There are so many great characters in here love the list at the end, lol and each are fu [...]

    13. Bloody brilliant I loved these magical creatures and all the unique personalities and stories behind them Very tounge in cheek humor with a great mix of fantasy and reality with comical twists on our modern world Molly and Sculder anyone Mr Diack has created a wholly enjoyable world to visit where you can expect the unexpected I read this in one sitting as it was so enjoyable and entertaining, and admittedly very different from what I normally read But I m so glad I took a chance and if Mr Diack [...]

    14. Who knew Spuds had so much going on I think the thing I liked best about The Super Spud Trilogy wasn t just the crazy and fun characters loved the Generals , but all the interesting clever rules that dictate the life of a spud, and the wacky adventures they have It s hard to pinpoint exactly who the target audience for this book would be, as I think both young and old would really enjoy it, but probably for different reasons If you are looking for something that is totally different and will mak [...]

    15. Ummmmm I don t even know what to say So many crushed chips So much chip death and destruction This may have been just too much food abuse for my tastes I really don t know how to rate this But, I do know that I will never let another bag of chips go past the expiration date I received a free copy, and promised an honest review Thank you Michael for taking me somewhere I never thought I would go.

    16. Sometimes you wonder if anyone will come up with something new to write about Well, if bags of crisps that are alive, competing in wars, Crisp Olympics, and falling in love isn t new enough for you then you are a lost cause.The Super Spud Trilogy is well written, fun, engaging, and FULL note the caps of surprises Very glad I took the time to read it.

    17. Well it was completely mad It mentions so many TV references that I will never look at TV the same It was funny and quick witted I got this as a giveaway.

    18. A note on context this review was originally listed on my blog Magical Chip Packets, And Your Chance To Win A Book Cameo , hence the references to writing techniques etc Enjoy Walking, talking crisp packets, with a taste for dangerous adventures and a tendency to mourn those who don t survive it by dancing a slow jive of respect It sounds like the stuff of Roald Dahl, but it s actually as modern as green peas flavored, eco warrior potatoes and Johnny the pirate chip packet, and it s all part of [...]

    19. A copy was provided by the author for review.Also posted on Rally the Readers.3.5 StarsWithout a doubt, The Super Spud Trilogy is one of the most unique books I ve ever read Potato chips or crisps, as they re called in the UK and in the novel that are secretly leading their starchy lives, unbeknownst to humans I just had to read this.A book hasn t made me laugh this much in a while I just loved the humor in this book it s exactly my type quirky and entirely tongue in cheek I also love pop cultur [...]

    20. 3.5 5 stars.Imagine a world where potato chips or crisps have their own secret world, where they go on adventures, fight in wars, and travel in space That is precisely the world that Michael Diack has created with his book, The Super Spud Trilogy When I was first contacted by Mr Diack for a possible review, I was really excited because, not only was this the first book I d ever been asked to review by an actual author, but the synopsis of the book sounded like a lot of fun, and something that wo [...]

    21. Review Every great once in a while I decide to take on a book that is outside of the norm one that seems unique, crazy, off kilter, or even a bit impossible and this month I chose Michael Diack s The Super Spud Trilogy Why Well, honestly, the book blurb mentioned a few of my favorite things genetic engineering, potatoes yum yum , hidden civilizations, and magic Sounds strange right But how could anyone pass up such ludicrous pairings I had to know how all of these parts came together as a whole, [...]

    22. I did not know Colin the Super Spud yesterday, but today I feel he is my friend.Life isn t easy for Super Spuds and from the day they are born to the day they are eaten, their short life is fraught with danger One Super Spud fills a packet of crisps and the moment his packet is sealed, his life begins It is a little world of magic that the author, Michael Diack, kindly allows you to enter.I studied Colin carefully and, through the author, was privy to knowledge not shared by the rest of the huma [...]

    23. When I first came across this book I was immediately intrigued It is unique and I loved that it s a comedy The blurb aptly describes the book It is a book of The Super Spud adventures and its wide variety of characters and they are always dying off Afterall, they are at the bottom of the food chain and are constantly dying because of humans, animals, their constant wars, for entertainment and because of accidents Luckily there is always another Spud to replace the ones that die I also enjoyed th [...]

    24. This has to be one of the strangest books I ve ever read I m not really a big fan of comedy in books I love it when books I m reading have funny elements, but for some reason, books that are only categorised under comedy do not appeal to me However, I decided to read The Super Spud Trilogy anyway because I was so intrigued by the book description and I thought my love of potatoes would carry me through it.I experienced many laugh out loud moments whilst reading this The spuds go off and have so [...]

    25. Full review and interview with the author will be up on my blog littlehyuts Please stop by to check it out I received this book from the author for a review This book definitely deserves the four stars I have given it The author has taken such a normal, everyday item and turned it into a brilliant and unique adventure The concept of Super Spuds is the most original I have read in a long time The authors creation is fresh and fun which made it quite enjoyable for me to read Who would have known o [...]

    26. Rating 3.75 stars Rule 1 Once a Super Spud is placed and sealed into its packet, the package cannot be punctured in any way if that happens, the Super Spud dies.Rule 2 Once the package is sealed, if the Super Spud is seen with its facial features by a human, or heard talking by a human, the Super Spud automatically dies.Rule 3 If a Super Spud has not been opened by its use by date, it can grow arms and legs but if seen by a human, subsequently dies.With these three rules, I was thrust into this [...]

    27. Before anyone else reads this and tells me I didn t pick up on spelling errors, this is because it is written in British English so a few of the spellings and symbols used in its pages are a little different from that which the average American reader might see However, they aren t anything glaring that would spoil this fun little book, but they are there.I never knew that the humble potato had so much life in it until I read this super fun little book So much of their out of sight lives are pac [...]

    28. Thoughtful imagination and setting make up this wonderful book It s a trilogy, three beautifully told stories of Super Spuds, the tastiest potatoes in the whole world Humans got bored of the taste of crisps chips so they made new genetically engineered ones These spuds potatoes are not normal, they are SUPER SPUDS They begin to live a life of their own if they are not consumed after their use by date You should expect the unexpected in this imaginative trilogy The first story is The Adventures o [...]

    29. The Super Spud trilogy is a comical adventure that follows the lives of a group of genetically engineered, magical crisps A number of these packets make it out of their multipack away from the humans and go to live on a landfill, embarking on a number of quests and adventures.The Super Spud world is a world that seems jovial and friendly they are walking, talking crisp packets after all yet one far dangerous than our own The life of a Super Spud is a fickle and dangerous one, with the perilous [...]

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