Brazen (2020)

Brazen It s a sultry July night and Wild Bill is content It s deliciously warm outside the fireworks are about to start a whole pint of freshly tapped blood is on the menu and his boyfriend hasn t murder
  • Title: Brazen
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781935540427
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • Brazen
    It s a sultry July night, and Wild Bill is content It s deliciously warm outside, the fireworks are about to start, a whole pint of freshly tapped blood is on the menu, and his boyfriend hasn t murdered anyone in months.Too bad Bill s contentment isn t shared by Michael, who s tired of his own lack of experience He hints that a new lover in their bed might broaden his hoIt s a sultry July night, and Wild Bill is content It s deliciously warm outside, the fireworks are about to start, a whole pint of freshly tapped blood is on the menu, and his boyfriend hasn t murdered anyone in months.Too bad Bill s contentment isn t shared by Michael, who s tired of his own lack of experience He hints that a new lover in their bed might broaden his horizons Their first encounter might have been a threesome, but it certainly didn t end well for the third participant.Even now, Bill can t seem to shake the memory of the hickory stake protruding from the chest of his old nemesis Lust wars with guilt as Wild Bill tries to figure out how to bury his past, once and for all.
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    1. Explosives, Threesomes, and ConfessionsMikey and me, we were living in our own little vacuum of blood and sex and vampire love Well, book six in the Channeling Morpheus series certainly started out with a bang that is to say, a fourth of July fireworks display and a bit of public sexBill holds the POV of this story and he s become a little introspective as the series continues He really is a fabulous character, and it s always a pleasure to get into his brain.Michael is settling into his life o [...]

    2. Hit it Bradley Cooper Yeah, throw this crap away How can it go from the best of the series previous book to this crap This was the worst threesome I have ever read, and that s saying a lot coming from me I usually like them if they are well done This.wast I have now painfully discovered that threesomes can be a hit or miss This definitely was a miss Gah It came so suddenly, it was awkward andd Gah I shiver to shake the bad feeling it left me with The other books have been good, so this felt so t [...]

    3. Okay, the view spoiler threesome hide spoiler in this, the 6th novella in the series, does make sense to me After all, that s the way the series started It s interesting to see how Michael and Wild Bill have changed as individuals and a couple It s well done.StillI DON T FUCKING LIKE IT It s not my favorite thing is any book and it makes me grumpy in general I would ve skimmed it but I was afraid of missing important character development I kinda resent it for that On the other hand, it s the ty [...]

    4. Yes, Brazen shed light on the regret and guilt Wild Bill feels during his confession and don t get me wrong, that was totally fascinating But Brazen also had Wild Bill Mikey taking part in a threeseome.

    5. 3.5 StarsI can kinda see the point of what happens here doesn t mean I like it I am somewhat mollified because for the guys, it made them realize that they don t need anyone else but each other StillThings are a changing, especially as Michael reconsiders his mission in life, as well as his ever evolving new chemical makeup.Love Bill s vulerability here as well I was a giant turning fork, and he was the note that had just bent up to meet my quivering harmonic.

    6. Loved this one, too I was really nervous about the m nage scene, but I was really happy to see that Wild Bill was probably even nervous than me It was a lot different than the one in the first book and also reveals so much about their relationship and how they both have changed Plus it was hot Poor Damien was so terrified, I was worried that Wild Bill was going to vamp out on him for doing what he did Need Wild Bill and Mikey NOW

    7. This first book of the Sweet Oblivion series is the continuation of the Channeling Morpheus series there are the same main characters, the vampire Wild Bill and the human Goth Michael, and they re still traveling the country in their van They are also on a mission to educate people and vampires on how to prevent the transmission of vampirism.In this book Wild Bill is the narrator and he is really Michael smitten The way he looks at him shows how much he is in love with Michael, he is so taken by [...]

    8. Aside from an awkward threesome, I really like where JCP is going with his series in this 6th installment Michael is something other than human, what that is I assume will be revealed in the rest of the series But he is finding it impossible to come without being bitten.Michael and Wild Bill are hot together, I just didn t like the menage in the back of their dirty van Maybe with the right person.I love this series, regardless I always chastise myself for waiting so long between books, especiall [...]

    9. Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews Contains Spoilers for anyone who hasn t read the previous books in the Channeling Morpheus series Brazen is the sixth story in the series previously the first in the Sweet Oblivion series and we start the story on the 4th of July at a backwoods town in Missouri at a fireworks show Michael and Bill have had some shocks in the first half of the series, most importantly to this story, that Michael is indeed changing, though not into a vampire He s formed an [...]

    10. About this StoryI suppose it s hard to say whether to take what Michael says to Wild Bill as him being manipulative or honest when he suggests the threesome, and then quickly tells Bill to just forget about it I think he s probably being sincere, though Can we try this No Okay, never mind, not a big deal Bill is the one who can t let go of it It must be confusing to both of them to need to continually involve other people in their day to day sustenance in such an intimate way I have no doubt the [...]

    11. Me no likey I know that there was a deep meaning to all of it but no, no, no view spoiler I really held on to hope that it was some kind of set up but it wasn t hide spoiler

    12. I absolutely love the alternating point of views in this series I think it has played a huge part in my connecting with these characters I really can t decide who I like hearing from First I think it is Wild Bill, then I read Michael and feel the same about him.This time, we hear from Wild Bill I love how their relationship continues to grow and evolve with each installment Both of them also continue to make discoveries about themselves and their issues Bill with his guilt and unhapiness with b [...]

    13. Michael is trying to figure out what is happening in his relationship with Bill and within himself Bill is trying to keep Michael safe and happy I really felt for Bill in this one he s so into Michael that he s willing to adjust his own preferences to make it work for Michael But Michael is also struggling with a situation he never expected to be in.

    14. I gotta say usually I m too jelly to read menages I find no one ends up happy But This one worked somehow somewayI think if I was bill I would have killed Damien right at the endAnd I love bill OMG do I ever love bill I want him

    15. I warned you, didn t I I m tearing through this series You ll see, though, when you read it Once you get started, they re impossible to put down At least for me Jordan Castillo Price knows her way around the gritty, the dark, the things that go bump in the night She never pretties anything up She leaves it just as it should be Real No holds barred.It s July now and Michael has convinced Wild Bill that it s safer for him to take blood from donors via phlebotomy One great thing about that Wild Bil [...]

    16. Rating for the whole series.I shouldn t have worried before starting this It worked Our tortured hero is still very much tortured and still smoking, no worries view spoiler WB wrestles so much with what he is and what he might have to do and deep down I don t think he really believes that he can have something beautiful with Michael or without This is so reflected in the shoddy things he allows himself, the van, the motels, the basics So seeing the comparision with Damien really clinches in the [...]

    17. My thoughts about it 1 nice menage scene2 still enjoying Mike and Wild Bill3 still wish there are plot and less sexyes shoot me people I know, it s an erotic short story series BUT Ireallywish plot because example 40 or the 50 pages are the sex scene, and not plot development.I can t take stars because of it It s a erotic story, so obviously I KNOW there should be sex but again, sorry the repetition even knowing it s erotic I was hoping it would have plot.

    18. view spoiler Ms Price, what have you done to my boys Having a break from this series for now hide spoiler br br br br br br br br

    19. Man, these two are KILLING me I want them to be happy so badly As much as I ve ever wished for a fictional character to be happy, I wish it for these two, but they seem just determined to not let themselves get there And this is the first time I ve wondered if at least one of them won t let the other be happy either.So, view spoiler following Bill s example, hide spoiler I have a confession and this may be letting my nerd flag fly a little too freely, but whatevs in my head, Wild Bill frequently [...]

    20. Sweet Oblivion is the new continuing series in the adventures of goth boy Michael and his vampire lover Wild Bill At the beginning of this relationship, Michael was the pursuer and Wild Bill the fugitive man Michael young and naive was fascinated by Wild Bill, a vampire not so old for vampire standards, but old enough to hold a fascination on barely legal Michael But Wild Bill knew that Michael was not the daring man he wanted to project, Michael was almost a child playing with his parents dress [...]

    21. Brazen is the first book in the Sweet Oblivion series, which in turn is a continuation of the Channeling Morpheus series a collection of erotic horror stories starring a hot vampire who s much sweeter than he acts and a boy in eye liner who s much tougher than he looks We got another Wild Bill POV with this story and boy do I love him His cynicism and bluntness are a riot, his dry observations are dead on and hilarious But what I like most about reading in Bill s POV is that we get to see just h [...]

    22. It wasn t quite what I expected True, I didn t read the blurb, so it was anybody s guess what the installment would contain view spoiler What I got however, didn t quite impress me One of the things being Michael s idea for a threesome While there were moments where I was drawn in to the image of the three of them together, I personally don t do well with someone else crowding me for my lover s attention The green eye monster and all So, long story short, the idea was hot but I couldn t get in t [...]

    23. Still loving Vampire Bill s Wild RideOh yeahMichael and Bill are still so hot together it melts you from the insides, too hot, too good, too muchI m not in the threesomes usuallyBUT HOLY HELL I love the stories from Bill s POV best, I love how he loves Michael and that vulnerability that comes out just slays med seeing Michael through Bill s eyes sighs Takes my breath away.Michael is dangerously close to doing something to break Bill s heartary thought, still gonna read the next thoughp I gotta

    24. Okay, in general I avoid vampire stories Not because I don t think they re hot, but because I rarely find one that is well written enough for me to give up reality This was just incredible Bill is a snarky, sweet vampire and his boyfriend Michael is beyond lovable It s laugh out loud funny in places, incredibly hot and oddly sweet Needless to say, I m going back and starting at the beginning of the series with Payback

    25. This is not my favorite of the Wild Bill and Michael stories Not sure why really except that I thought that whole Damian thing was just a bit distracting I didn t get the motivation of Michael asking for a threesome I love Wild Bill s voice in these stories he s world weary and snarky and obviously over the moon for Michael since he s basically willing to do whatever Michael asks for to keep him happy I ll be interested to see what happens in the next installment.

    26. It s deliciously warm outside, the fireworks are about to start, a whole pint of freshly tapped blood is on the menu, and his boyfriend hasn t murdered anyone in months Looks like I ll have to start a new series Who could resist that little tidbit

    27. this one was from Wild Bills POV and I loved it we not only got to see some sexy m m m action but there was character development, especially with michael.LOVE JCPs writing

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