A Rainha Corvo (2020)

A Rainha Corvo Depois de A Lenda do Cisne Jules Watson traz nos a continua o desta hist ria deslumbrante de encantamento e desejo baseada numa das mais incr veis lendas celtas trazendo luz a vida de Maeve a Rain
  • Title: A Rainha Corvo
  • Author: Jules Watson
  • ISBN: 9789722523875
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Rainha Corvo
    Depois de A Lenda do Cisne, Jules Watson traz nos a continua o desta hist ria deslumbrante de encantamento e desejo, baseada numa das mais incr veis lendas celtas, trazendo luz a vida de Maeve, a Rainha Corvo.Maeve nasceu para ser um joguete que o seu pai poderia usar como bem entendesse de forma a manter as suas terras em seguran a For ada a casar se, os seus desejosDepois de A Lenda do Cisne, Jules Watson traz nos a continua o desta hist ria deslumbrante de encantamento e desejo, baseada numa das mais incr veis lendas celtas, trazendo luz a vida de Maeve, a Rainha Corvo.Maeve nasceu para ser um joguete que o seu pai poderia usar como bem entendesse de forma a manter as suas terras em seguran a For ada a casar se, os seus desejos nunca foram respeitados Mas o esp rito livre de Maeve n o ir suportar muito mais as maquina es do seu novo marido, Conor, o astucioso rei de Ulster Quando a morte do seu pai deixa a sua terra natal merc de senhores gananciosos e das for as de Conor, Maeve apercebe se de que precisa de usar o seu pr prio poder de modo a trav los.Com per cia e intelig ncia, Maeve prova que igual a qualquer outro guerreiro no campo de batalha e, para combater a perigosa magia dos mais antigos deuses, procura ajuda junto a Ru n, um druida errante, cuja paix o inesperada e estranha liga o ao mundo dos esp ritos revelam a Maeve a verdade sobre si mesma, colocando a em guerra com o seu dever e o seu destino.
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      Jules Watson

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    1. 2.5 although I liked it, it felt unnecessarily long, so long in fact, that at one point I kept yelling at the book to just bloody end lol.I did love the amazing landscape descriptions the writing and romance were decent there was some magic and the overall plot was intriguing enough to continued reading but there were certainly a lot of boring parts

    2. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Jules Watson s The Raven Queen is a historical fantasy based on the ancient Irish legends about Queen Maeve Red haired and fiery tempered, since childhood Maeve has resented being used by her father, King of Connacht, as a political tool He has sent her as a peace bride to acquire alliances with various neighboring warlords, but Maeve doesn t tend to actually foster peace anywhere she goes In fact, she has just returned home to her dying father after runni [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this reimagining of an Irish legend and I absolutely loved Maeve Maeve is such a fully fleshed out heroine She is fierce, intelligent, and unpredictable struggling, grasping, fighting, desperate to protect her people, to prove herself and to earn true independence Yet underneath her tough facade, she s extremely vulnerable All her life she s been used and abused by men She s frightened She s full of self doubt Yet she s surprisingly sensitive and maternal But she s surrounded by [...]

    4. I really wanted to get into this one, but I just couldn t It was so long and drawn out, I didn t connect to or care about any of the characters, and it was boring.

    5. girlinchaiselongueNascida na Austr lia e filha de pais ingleses, Jules Watson h muito que fascinada por lendas Celtas e n o foi dif cil convencer o marido, escoc s por nascimento, que precisava de viver no meio das brumas e terras altas da Esc cia, cercada por magia e mitos sen o morreria Quando n o est a escrever novos livros sobre hist rias passadas e terras m sticas, gosta de se sentar frente lareira enquanto a chuva ca l fora ou de ir ao pub local ouvir o marido tocar m sica t pica escocesa. [...]

    6. Loved the wild action, character development, and spiritual elements She has a label for that last one on her web site escapes me at the moment At one point I had to put it down and just bawl And it wasn t even a grief point it was a simple statement, but said so much Will definitely read of her work Recommend getting a real book instead of the digital Was worried about so many characters , Gaelic, etc but she lists everything in the beginning, which I copied on paper am somewhat challenged re [...]

    7. A Rainha Corvo conta nos a hist ria da grande rainha celta Maeve que, neste livro, se inicia com os primeiros acontecimentos de A Lenda do Cisne Durante grande parte do livro observamos um entrechocar de eventos ocorridos em A Lenda do Cisne e no presente livro, A Rainha Corvo O que primeira vista podia parecer um recontar da mesma hist ria, n o o de todo, antes o contar de uma outra lenda passada na mesma poca, que complementa ou complementada pela outra.Maeve sempre foi uma mulher forte, for a [...]

    8. Jules Watson offers an energetic epic centered around Irish mythology and the legend of Maeve, the raven queen I must confess, this is the first I have heard of this story but druids and Celtic lore will seize me every time Watson is a skillful storyteller and I was lured into the land of Erin right away There is a huge cast of characters and fortunately the author includes a pronunciation guide and key to who s who I always find it difficult to move through a story when their are names I can t [...]

    9. Have I not bid you tell of that great queenWho has been buried some two thousand years The Old Age of Queen Maeve by William YeatsThe Raven Queen written by Jules Watson weaves an absorbing tale around the retelling of the legendary Irish queen, Maeve, in which she brings to life a world filled with brutality, loyalty, love and magic At first I felt a little apprehensive as I had to dig back to my archaeological study days, trying to recreate the Celtic world and legend in my imagination, I coul [...]

    10. Comparativamente ao primeiro livro, A Rainha Corvo apresenta se mais din mico, mais seguro e mais forte na escrita Oferece nos tamb m uma melhor caracteriza o da sociedade do s culo I a.C Idade do Bronze a inclus o das suas cren as e tradu es acaba por enriquecer bastante o livro Infelizmente n o t nhamos podido desfrutar deste factor em A Lenda do Cisne , j que Deirdre era naturalmente muito solit ria e a sua fuga ao rei exigia que se refugiasse longe de todos.De in cio receei que a autora se p [...]

    11. The Raven Queen is a historical fantasy based on a Celtic legend Always a fan of strong female characters this one is a warrior queen I also have a bit of an obsession with all things United Kingdom, love historical fiction, can t get enough magical adventure.well, let s just say this book has almost everything I have ever liked about reading From a reader s perspective, this book is like swimming in very deep waters, sinking further and further under until you think you aren t going to make it [...]

    12. WowTotal marathon read to FINALLY finish this book that I ve had for ages Sad to say, I ve got a digital and hard copy and it still took me forever to read it It took so long to read because, partially, the story was just not gripping me as it should It s well written, it s interesting, has a bit of magic in it mystical, I suppose , and it s a romance story all based on an old Irish myth so, in theory, it should have gripped me I just wasn t and I don t know why I enjoyed the complexities of th [...]

    13. Ms Watson s The Raven Queen is a wonderfully unique reimagining of the life of Maeve of Connacht, the daughter and wife of kings Intersecting with the story of Deirdre of the Sorrows see Ms Watson s book, The Swan Maiden , Maeve of Connacht has escaped from her third husband, Conor Mac Nessa Now he s thrown off kilter as his wife Maeve and future wife Deirdre have both left him Maeve goes back to Connacht in time to be with her father on his deathbed She knows she has the skills to be a great ru [...]

    14. Some books have that, omg there was magic in the past feeling, and some do not.Here the author had Iron Age Irish people living in a world where Gods and Goddesses were heard Were the Sidhe were around Where there was magic But, I did not believe in it It was historical fantasy, fun to read, but not real.It s the story of Queen Maeve, who went down in history as a maneater, but then history changes when men write it, Christian men She was married to kings and princes She loved her country, and s [...]

    15. Upon discovering just how great Celtic mytholgy is, oh, about a decade ago, I ve firmly believed that it should be taught in schools One semester in eighth grade English focused completely on the Greek myths And yes, those are all well and good, but they never called to my heart like the Celts Of course, my ancestry might have something to do with that, being English and Irish I knew the basic stories of Maeve and Deirdre previously between my own research and through The Swan Maiden , but never [...]

    16. There were times that the book dragged a little, there were parts where I was too annoyed with Meave to continue though I do think her choices and characterization make perfect sense in light of her whole story , or too bored with the mystical elements it was a little uneven with Meave s parts moving fast and exciting and Ruan s slow , some word choices started to annoy me too after awhile the writing is OK, not briliant I liked the plot, I liked, over all, the characters, even when they annoye [...]

    17. Este livro baseado em tudo aquilo que se sabe sobre a Rainha Maeve Independentemente de ser mito ou facto Claro que a autora poder n o ter sido 100% fiel quilo que se sabe, e daquilo que li ela tomou sem d vida algumas liberdades para poder transmitir ao leitor a Maeve que idealizou.No geral gostei da hist ria e dos personagens No entanto achei que faltava algo aos ltimos Apesar de os personagens terem personalidades independentes e distintas achei os adimensionais.Quanto hist ria, gostei dela, [...]

    18. Make sure you take plenty of me time to read this book Because once you start you will not want to pull yourself out of this land rich in history and danger I thoroughly appreciated Ms Watson s additional information included with this read, everything from pronunciation of names to the myths and legends behind Maeve The Raven Queen s story The vivid detail that is used to describe scenery transports you the description of characters help you understand each one for who they are and what they br [...]

    19. I know that the legend of Maeve is incomplete, but I expected of the proud warrior, boastful tale teller, and fierce lover of many men that I am familiar with Instead, Maeve felt weak and fearful, a little girl trying to act grown up, and I didn t have much sympathy for her In fact, many characters were awfully two dimensional.I really liked the magic in this story that allowed slipping between worlds, the connection with the Sidhe, a blind man to see I liked the setting and some of the Irish t [...]

    20. I m not sure really which category to put this in because it has some historical parts mixed in with legends, so I m putting it in both categories This was a tough read for me, especially since I m not really familiar with Irish legends, so it took me a little while to really get into the book I would recommend this to someone familiar with those legends because otherwise you re going to stumble through it like I did.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and was quickly drawn to the complexity of Maeve s character I could see in her the maiden, the warrior, the queen, the mother the many faces of the Goddess I love how she triumphed in battle yet came to be the Goddess of the land, restoring life and peace to the land and the people of Ireland I also liked the vivid description of the Source and how it is the building block of all life.

    22. As someone who is a huge fan of Jules Watson, I was a little disappointed by this book I felt that too much time was spent on the spiritual experiences of the characters than on actual character development and especially the development of character relationships Because of this I often felt that events did not make sense In general, it was a pleasant read, just not quite up to par with the author s earlier works.

    23. 2.5 stars It was interesting enough but it took me forever to finish I found it to long during a lot of parts of the story and the magical elements which you do expect in a book like this to much in your face, she did a better job with that in her other novels All in all I wouldn t directly recommend this one, I would however recommend the author, read the Dalriada trilogy before writing her off because of the Raven Queen.

    24. I have read all four books in this series which blends myth, magic and ancient Irish history into fascinating tales of love, war, honor and deceit The Raven Queen is retelling of the myth of the warriorQueen Maeve and is played out in conjunction with the myth of Deirdre, who is the heroine of Watson s book, The Swan Maiden Well written and hard to put down.

    25. Ol 1 vez que leio esta autora.N o terminei o livro, porque m o estava preparada para o ler Muitas personagens.Deve ser interessante.Leiam,PyHi 1st time I read this author I haven t finished the book, because I was ready to read it Many characters It should be interesting Read, Py.

    26. The story is inspired by Celtic mythology The plot has elements of King Arthur Maeve is a strong Princess in a wild untamed era.The story is well written with a secret romace to spice up the plot.

    27. A story of fighting for ones self This book is an interesting mix of fiction and Norse myth For me the book was a slow start but did start to pick up speed and was very interesting The biggest thing that I wish it had was a glossary Over all a really good read.

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