Crooked River Burning (2020)

Crooked River Burning The critically acclaimed novel of a compelling love affair and the decline of a once prosperous city The birthplace of rock n roll Cleveland was an economic powerhouse and America s sixth largest cit
  • Title: Crooked River Burning
  • Author: Mark Winegardner
  • ISBN: 9780156014229
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crooked River Burning
    The critically acclaimed novel of a compelling love affair and the decline of a once prosperous city.The birthplace of rock n roll, Cleveland was an economic powerhouse and America s sixth largest city in the late 1940s By 1969, it had dropped to twelfth In the summer of 1948, fourteen year old David Zielinsky can look forward to a job at the docks, the only way to maThe critically acclaimed novel of a compelling love affair and the decline of a once prosperous city.The birthplace of rock n roll, Cleveland was an economic powerhouse and America s sixth largest city in the late 1940s By 1969, it had dropped to twelfth In the summer of 1948, fourteen year old David Zielinsky can look forward to a job at the docks, the only way to make a living on his side of the city Across the river is twelve year old Anne O Connor, daughter of the reigning political boss of Cuyahoga County In this richly entertaining novel, the two will meet and fall in love, and for twenty turbulent years, as Cleveland falls from grace, they will be consumed by a fiery, star crossed romance A natural born storyteller, Mark Winegardner charts the demise of this fascinating city, artfully weaving in such real life Clevelanders as Eliot Ness, Alan Freed, and Carl Stokes A saga reminiscent of the best writing of E L Doctorow, Tom Wolfe, and John Dos Passos, Crooked River Burning is masterfully crafted and vastly entertaining a great American novel in the truest sense.
    Crooked River Burning Pa Mark Winegardner May , Crooked River Burning isn t a love story but a slice of history that we see through the lives of two people This book tells how the post WWII hopes and good feelings of Cleveland gradually darkened and decayed until they crashed and burned with the Glenville riots of . Crooked River Burning by Mark Winegardner Jan , Crooked River Burning is an ambitious novel, perhaps even a bit too ambitious because I struggled from time to time to keep up with the Both authors created compelling stories which unfolded against the backdrop of once great towns in what used to represent the industrial might of the United States but is now referred to as the Rust Belt. Crooked River Burning by Mark Winegardner, Paperback Crooked River Burning brings Cleveland s past to life on both an intimate and a sweeping scale Winegardner describes weddings, funerals, dances, rallies, ball games, graduations, parties, elections, moments of domestic warmth and public violence with equal facility. Crooked river burning Winegardner, Mark, Free In David Zielinsky and Anne O Connor meet and fall in love, and for the next twenty years this pair will be reluctantly star crossed lovers in a troubled CROOKED RIVER BURNING by Mark Winegardner Kirkus Reviews In a striking climax, oil slicks cause the Cuyahoga River to burn, as it had years earlier and Anne s and David s separate and common stories are thrown into powerfully ironic high relief Vance Bourjaily and Harvey Swados used to write replete, ambitious novels like Crooked River Burning A wonderful read that brings the recently much neglected urban tradition in American fiction vibrantly back to life. Customer reviews Crooked River Burning May , Crooked River Burning isn t a love story but a slice of history that we see through the lives of two people This book tells how the post WWII hopes and good feelings of Cleveland gradually darkened and decayed until they crashed and burned with the Glenville riots of . Crooked River Burning by Aaron Lee Tasjan on Music Nov , Check out Crooked River Burning by Aaron Lee Tasjan on Music Stream ad free or purchase CD s and MPs now on . Outdoor Burning Requirements Crooked River Ranch Fire Failure to follow the outdoor burning regulations, or burning without a permit, may result in loss of your burning privileges, fines, and or legal consequences YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FIRE AND ANY DAMAGE THAT RESULTS FROM IT All fires must be constantly attended by an adult until the fire is extinguished cold to the touch.
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    1. This book was long and it felt very long By the end, I didn t care about any of the characters, except the minor ones, the ones that had died and the real life historical figures Which is sad, because I started off caring so much about the main characters They couldn t keep my interest What did keep my interest is the prose Very good throughout, with a sentence every once in a while that would blow me away I really liked the parts about Cleveland history and how real people were woven into the s [...]

    2. A mix of fictional and real characters paints a rich portrait of an industrial city from a period of strength in the late forties to the beginning of serious decline in 1969 From the blue collar ethnics my people to the mafia to baseball of a bygone era, Mark Winegardner weaves together a fascinating array of stories and people The writer, a onetime Cleveland resident, captures the personality of the city so well His dialogue for those blue collar ethnics is spot on And along the way, I learned [...]

    3. Took me almost two years to finish this off if it was about anything other than Cleveland I would have given up on it There are some great moments sprinkled throughout both in the entirely fictional stories of David and Anne, and in the Dos Passos y segments on famous Clevelanders This book,feels really long because not a lot happens The prose is respectable for the most part but overcooked not infrequently This is a totally competent jazzy historical novel about the decline of Cleveland in the [...]

    4. A bit disappointing at the end Fun to have set in the context of Cleveland and its history from the 40 s through the 70 s but never develops the characters or plot as much as one expects.

    5. Originally I thought I would give this book 3 stars, because it had distinct strengths and weaknesses which initially averaged out to a reaction of, as La Petite would say, meh whatever I ended up lowering the rating to 2 stars, though, because I felt the book was way too long, and that Winegardener went into great detail in describing some less relevant episodes characters while totally skipping over aspects of the story with the potential to be really interesting Although I sort of understand [...]

    6. A little bit disappointed Great story Gives a great feel for life in Cleveland during the decline of Cleveland in the decades following WWII The politics, the unions, the sports Some great characters, both real and fictional I didn t realize that Cleveland was still a majority white city when Carl Stokes was elected mayor I somehow forgot about the Cuyahoga River catching fire My beef is that I just didn t like the writing style of the author Worth reading for the story, just should have been e [...]

    7. This is a very long, slowly paced novel It was a long novel that felt extremely long Although it took me about a week and a half to read it, I felt at times that I had been reading it for months Winegardner writes very detailed prose that vividly captures mid century Cleveland and is very informative but it can feel like a slog to get through Throughout the story, Winegardner would intersperse chapters about important Cleveland personalities Alan Freed, Vic Wertz, a Cleveland Indians baseball pl [...]

    8. if i could give this book two ratings, i would four stars for the somewhat fictionalized history of cleveland, 1952 1969, two stars for the absurd and unsatisfying love story that is the frame for it i d be interested to know whether anyone who s not from cleveland has read this book, and if so whether they enjoyed it as a cleveland native the story was personal to me, and i thoroughly enjoyed the five or six sidebar chapters that profiled cleveland heroes particularly dorothy fuldheim, whom i r [...]

    9. I had the author of this book for a writing class I took in college Being a little petty here, I have to say that he was extremely pompous and I see that that carried over into his writing I will credit him in that story did have it s merits and it wasn t awful but overall it was so slow moving that it didn t hold my interest in fact, I had to set it aside and read 2 other books before I could finish it The characters were not likable David started out as a good guy, a little guy trying to make [...]

    10. If you are from or are currently living in Northeast Ohio this book might be of interest to you Winegardner paints a very informative picture of Cleveland beginning in the times when unions, union bosses, and people who know people who know people ruled the roost and ending with the jeers of a burning river and the best of the city in the past The nonfiction stories of people, places, and events he weaves into the fictional account of 2 star crossed lovers had me reading this book along side Not [...]

    11. Winegardner starts his story back in the 40s when, according to the jacket, Cleveland was America s sixth biggest city, a decent place, a hometown to be proud of His story, complete with star crossed lovers, advances to 1969, by which time Cleveland had lost population and prestige Readers like me are willing to let Winegardner tell us what happened Readers like me are not, however, willing to read about Cleveland Indians baseball games Winegardner likes to give us blow by blow accounts of famou [...]

    12. This book was long and divided Half the story was about the depressing decline of Cleveland in the 1950s and 60s The other half was a disappointing love story about a rich girl and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks During the first 300 pages, I was really invested in the characters, but towards the end, I found myself disliking where the plot and development was going Despite this, overall I enjoyed the book The prose is extremely dense, with delicious descriptions and sweeping narrations [...]

    13. Winegardner gets Cleveland so right This is core curriculum if you are a native Clevelander and understand the great east side west side divide The romance was believable, the mysteries were not as believable but the details, the nuances that the author captures about the characters and the decisions they might have made in the context of a history of a place that has always had an inferiority complex are quite masterfully done I started this book shortly before I had my son My son turns two nex [...]

    14. My husband recommended this book to me It is about Cleveland, and that s where my mother s family lived It is a sort of two part book some sections are factual, about real people and events, and then there is a recurring love story between David Zielinsky, the poor boy, and the aristocratic Anne O Connor, from the political family He goes into politics after marrying the nurse, Irene and having three children, but eventually Irene leaves him for a doctor In the meantime Anne goes from being a re [...]

    15. Winegardner matched history with fiction so perfectly that I kept wanting to Google the characters to see what they re up to now.Winegardener s book weaves the story of two people falling in love against the background of Cleveland history That might not seem like the most interesting or romantic scenario, but Winegardener writes a very personal story interspersed with short narratives about Cleveland s famous and infamous citizens That these historic sidebars are heavily footnoted add to their [...]

    16. A proud Clevelander will love the settings historical Cleveland info Even if you re not a Clevelander, the plot and characters are interesting.A bit slow at the start, the novel finally takes off with great illustrations of the social underpinnings struggles of its time You get a clear and engaging picture of how current events affect the characters daily lives.I enjoyed watching history come to life.

    17. Interesting writing style that may throw some people off The 3rd person narrator often jumps in to give information of past or future events think Pushing Daisies The story is mainly of Cleveland, at its mid century height then the beginning of its decline, told through the lives of 2 main characters, neither of which is very likeable Reading this will give you an idea how Cleveland became the loser town it is today.

    18. This book by Mark Winegardner told me about Cleveland than I knew, and than I really was interested in knowing He weas able to develop a few interesting characters and go with them over time I did learn some interesting things about Cleveland, but it was a little difficult read for me Some others I am sure will find a lot of good reading in this book because there is a lot of information packed in the story.J Robert Ewbank, author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

    19. I give the 4 stars for the deeply enriched history of Cleveland as only a true Clevelander can tell Without the history, the love story was probably the worst story I have ever wasted my time on I LOVED reading the history part of the novel, though I just moved to the Cleveland area a few years ago, and have a lot of catching up to do this book not only gave me its history in a nutshell, but has gotten me to want to become an Indians fan not so much the Browns, though.

    20. I was familiar with Winegardner from his Godfather sequels but had this on the list for many years Finally got to it Not the greatest book I ve ever read, but extremely well written and the story moves along well enough In short, a love story intertwined with the history of Cleveland from the early 1950s to 1969.If you grew up in Cleveland and are over, say, forty five years old, you should absolutely read this book.

    21. A class crossed love story that covers three decades of Cleveland history Winegardner can write baseball, creates strong characters, and scratches out dialogue that sticks with you One of my favorite lines is by a cynical townie who tells his somewhat estranged son that everything is what it is And also something else Can t help but wonder whether Winegardner adapted, and subsequently twisted, that phrase from Belichick during his browns days.

    22. This book is definitely entertaining, but it takes awhile to get through, and, at the end, I m still not really sure exactly whose story it is I feel like this is a book that I will begin to have epiphanies about at random times when it will suddenly pop into my head A book that needs to be contemplated.

    23. I can t speak to whether this book would translate to those without a Cleveland connection, but I loved this book The author weaves in compelling historical stories of the city throughout the main story that takes place from 1948 1969 He makes interesting choices about what parts of his story to tell over that 20 year period, and what gets left off the page.

    24. There were some interesting Cleveland facts scattered throughout the book, but, like other reviewers have commented, it was about 200 pages too long By the time I got to the end, I had lost interest in the main characters I would only recommend this book to Cleveland natives who would be interested in the references to Cleveland landmarks.

    25. I loved this story and learned a lot about the history of Cleveland east vs west from reading this book Winegardner ably weaves together the fictional story of David Zielinsky, a young man from the ethic, blue collar, west side and beautiful Anne O Connor who hails from snooty Shaker Heights with stories of real life characters such as Dorothy Fuldheim, Carl Stokes, Alan Freed and

    26. This is a superbly written book that is very difficult to read A long, detailed, densely packed love hate note to the city of Cleveland, full of history and painfully real characters I found it both fascinating and frustrating, and at times a little boring but absolutely worth the effort You will feel FULL at the end A must read for all Clevelanders.

    27. Fell apart in the Carl Stokes chapter Prior to that I d hung in through the whole thing because of pretty compelling writing, but I just felt like the Stokes stories, along with the Hough Glenville riots, weren t given the gravitas they deserved.

    28. I grew up in Cleveland during the time frame of the book Brought back many memories of the life and times of years past A great read if you grew up there, but not sure how interested a reader would be in the story coming from some where else.

    29. Although I did learn a little about my new hometown, Cleveland, I was very disappointed in the style of this book A long read that didn t consistently tie together, moving between history sports, politics and a love story.

    30. Fans of Cleveland and its historic run of bad luck even before King James departure should enjoy both story and setting It s kind of like a Quentin Tarantino movie waiting to happen Nice read for a couple of rain soaked days.

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