The Cold Eye of Heaven (2020)

The Cold Eye of Heaven The new novel from the bestselling author of the widely acclaimed Last Train to Liguria is a warm and poignant tale of Farley an old man in Dublin looking back over the decades of his life An intima
  • Title: The Cold Eye of Heaven
  • Author: Christine Dwyer Hickey
  • ISBN: 9780857890306
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cold Eye of Heaven
    The new novel from the bestselling author of the widely acclaimed Last Train to Liguria is a warm and poignant tale of Farley, an old man in Dublin, looking back over the decades of his life An intimate story of one man and his hometown as they grow up through the 20th century.
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      166 Christine Dwyer Hickey
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    1. Read this for the very deft handling of time in reverse We meet the central character, Farley, at the end of his life and then time is rolled back, decade by decade, revealing and of his character and the motives for his actions It s not an easy technique to manage as it depends on the slow and careful drip feeding of essential information to the reader but Christine Dwyer Hickey handles it really well She also paints a detailed picture of a section of Dublin city and its inhabitants throughou [...]

    2. This is the story of Farley, starting in his old age and working backwords through the decades of his life The character development is fantastic I suddenly realised I was getting to know and appreciate him with every page as his story unfolded A male character written by a woman at its best The style reminded me of Graham Swift Last Orders.

    3. The focus of this book is an old man named Farley who lives by himself in the suburbs of Dublin When the book opens he is laying on his bathroom floor and it is evident from the symptoms he describes that he has suffered a stroke He can t move and is unable to call for help so it is terrifying for him that no one knows he has fallen How long will he lay there before someone comes to his rescue The rest of the book is a retelling of his life as each chapter reaches back another ten years in his s [...]

    4. I like the author a lot both as a person she spent a week or so in DC at the Irish Writers Festival a couple of years ago and her writing At the time, she said if she hadn t published before the huge Irish chick lit boom, she d never have been published This story tells the story of a life in reverse The main character, Farley, is 75, and the book moves backwards from 2010, decade by decade In his story, we see the story of modern Ireland and Dublin from a poor country to a country of excess dur [...]

    5. The backwards in time style and the Irish setting of this book were definitely hurdles for me, so I feel like I didn t get as much out of the book as I could have I imagine that this approach might be what it s like after we die and come to the judgment bar to review our lives There is no internal dialogue or explanation here of why Farley is who he is or does what he does, just vignettes over the course of his life that show it So as you learn about him, you wind up feeling bad for judging him [...]

    6. I found this book, where the character goes further into his past, an interesting read It s definitely not a happy read, and there is a lot of explicit language to cope with, but maybe that is the Irish way

    7. Highly readable, beautifully versed and immersion focused, necessary for Dublin Farley s life tale in decade separated shots Dwyer Hickey uses the gimmick of reverse chronology to evoke the terror of old age through to the fear of childhood including laugh, love, treachery and nobility It s bloody good and difficult not to identify with Farley The we get to know him, the less he knows himself and the world around The novel is full of hooks of phrase and description and while best digested slowl [...]

    8. I had the pleasure of hearing the author read an extract from this book in November 2012 My delight at hearing Dwyer Hickey read was not diminished by reading the whole book An old man s life story is told in reverse We first meet him lying on the floor of his bathroom in the aftermath of a stroke on the day he is supposed to attend the funeral of a former colleague He recalls the events of the previous day this contains the very funny yet touching episode that Dwyer Hickey read.The action then [...]

    9. An elderly Dublin man wakes to find himself lying on the bathroom floor partly paralised he is unable to get up and lying there his mind meanders over the years of his life, the heartbreaks, the friendships, betrayals, pains and sorrows but mostly the seemingly inconsequental events that resulted in the decisive decisions of his life Like most peoples his is a story of a simple life, an ordinary life but the book is also the story of Dublin, the city itself is as much a character in the story as [...]

    10. I liked this book from the start I found the way that the story was told in reverse, a really interesting concept and one which made you think about the book after you had finished reading it, piecing together the stories from the end back to the beginning As each new story evolved, so the previous story made sense and had depth I liked the narration and the protagonist and I really enjoyed parts of the book which I found beautifully written The reason I have given a three and if I could I wou [...]

    11. For book reviews and , please visit my book blog, The Book StopWhat a brilliant writer I loved this book and its storyline The idea of the main character going back through his life as he is laying, close to death, on his bathroom floor is brilliant It was all wrapped up nicely and I liked the ending Not so much a page turner for me but definitely a book I d read again The author makes you connect with each character and makes you feel like you re in the story too Overall, I thought this book wa [...]

    12. Beautifully written, it begins with the elderly Farley s fall on his bathroom floor and moves back through the years of his life I adore the structure nine chapters over eight decades, and with the story being told in reverse, the you read, the sense it makes The detail is exceptional I can see and hear every character in it It is heartbreaking without ever being maudlin, and ultimately, as it comes full circle, redemptive It s a privilege to be told Farley s story I feel like I know and miss [...]

    13. Great descriptions of life in Dublin through the decades Clever character building of Farley in reverse time ordinary man and how he has been affected by events of his life The death of his young wife, his business life which should have brought him wealth eventually but didn t materialise his childhood illness and death if a sister Sad and thought provoking about how life happens or how you make it happen Very funny sad and captivating at start Interest starts to wane after half way Maybe due t [...]

    14. Christine Dyrer certainly piles on all the attendent misiries that have the unfortunate Farley cope with,from a lonely old age,and travelling backwards in 10 year increments, to his beginnings Although the authors sense of time and place a Dublin that both frightens and puzzles the older Farley, I found his essentially unhappy, and unloved life, depressing Beautifully written,but too downbeat,and sad for me to recommend it as ideal bed time reading.

    15. I d actually give this one 3.5 stars It was a well written look at an Irish man s life in reverse From what may be his last day, to him at the age of three, each chapter moves back in time about ten years to piece together how Farley became the man he is.

    16. A believable everyman story about aging, loneliness and betrayal that kept me turning the pages More here

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