The Toilers of the Sea (2020)

The Toilers of the Sea In fleeing political persecution Victor Hugo found sanctuary on the Isle of Guernsey among the most historic and picturesque of the Channel Islands The legends and lore of the islands sparked
  • Title: The Toilers of the Sea
  • Author: Victor Hugo Isabel Florence Hapgood
  • ISBN: 9780451527721
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Toilers of the Sea
    In 1855, fleeing political persecution, Victor Hugo found sanctuary on the Isle of Guernsey, among the most historic and picturesque of the Channel Islands The legends and lore of the islands sparked Hugo s imagination, resulting in one of his most unusual works Setting mythical, romantic, and social themes against a backdrop of memorable descriptions, The Toilers of theIn 1855, fleeing political persecution, Victor Hugo found sanctuary on the Isle of Guernsey, among the most historic and picturesque of the Channel Islands The legends and lore of the islands sparked Hugo s imagination, resulting in one of his most unusual works Setting mythical, romantic, and social themes against a backdrop of memorable descriptions, The Toilers of the Sea is a novel of epic proportions, brought to light in a new Signet Classic edition.
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    1. CAUTION This review contains full frontal male nudity view spoiler not actually illustrated, please contain your disappointment hide spoiler Erwow Victor Hugo is maybe the best of the worst novelists or the worst of the best, the grandfather of fat awful airport novels, at once magnificent, and risible To explain it differently, imagine a personal ignorant of religion view spoiler sorry, this is like something out of classical economics hide spoiler , and then imagine dragging them round the gra [...]

    2. Of the three Victor Hugo novels most readily available in the U.S The Toilers of the Sea is the least well known and the one that Hollywood and Broadway have not transformed into pop culture hits Set in the Channel Islands, where Hugo was exiled for a time, it recounts the heroic story of a local man who risks all the little he has, including his life, to rescue the engines of a shipwrecked steamer and win the hand of the steamer s owner s niece Because it is Hugo there is much description and e [...]

    3. Os teimosos s o os sublimes Quem apenas bravo tem s um assomo, quem apenas valente tem s um temperamento, quem apenas corajoso tem s uma virtude o obstinado na verdade tem a grandeza Quase todo o segredo dos grandes cora es est nesta palavra perseverando A perseveran a est para a coragem como a roda para a alavanca a renova o perp tua do ponto de apoio Victor Hugo, Os Trabalhadores do Mar Victor Hugo, The Wave Or My DestinyCansei me no alto mar a desencalhar o navio, a proteger me de tempestades [...]

    4. Nunca em todos os meus anos de leitura me deparei com um personagem mais carism tico mais encantador que Gilliatt Quem j leu o livro sabe do que estou falando, e quem ler vai saber e se encantar.Esse livro uma verdadeira obra prima No come o o livro um pouco confuso pois as hist rias dos personagens s o contadas separadamente, mas na parte final as pe as v o se juntando e ent o aparece o encantamento e a admira o por esse fen meno chamado Gilliatt.

    5. Imagine the perfect recipe, the perfect blend of elements In many respects The Toilers of the Sea is that perfect blend One part epic drama, one part satiric wit, one part ethnographic study of Guernsey Island in the mid 1800s, one part battle between man and nature, one part spiritual allegory, and the topping is two parts elegant prose Yes, yes, it is a lot to take on, but Victor Hugo did it oh so well How many authors can make long drawn out descriptive passages gripping Hugo s prose is marve [...]

    6. You hear that The earth just shook a little because Ernest Hemingway, after vomiting on himself, shook his fist in disgust as one reader found The Toilers of the Sea Victor Hugo, the modern era s poet philosopher, ponders Man s relationship with nature He musters every ounce of his romantic emotion and universal sooth saying while still dictating precise details regarding the actions, jargon and sciences of the cultural entity in the Norman archipelago But, of course, a social dissentor like Hu [...]

    7. Not many people read Victor Hugo any , and that is a shame No one could write prose that is emphatic and dramatic No matter that it espouses 19th century values At the same time it is like a precursor of existentialism.Gilliatt, the hero, is a Channel Island sailor who knows he sea as few people do He is in love with D rouchette Lethierry, whose father runs a steam ferry connecting Guernsey Island with the Breton port of St Malo When this ferry is deliberately sunk by its captain, Gilliatt unde [...]

    8. PREFACEReligion, Society, and Nature these are the three struggles of man They constitute at the same time his three needs He has need of a faith hence the temple He must create hence the city He must live hence the plough and the ship But these three solutions comprise three perpetual conflicts The mysterious difficulty of life results from all three Man strives with obstacles under the form of superstition, under the form of prejudice, and under the form of the elements A triple weighs upon us [...]

    9. You know an author s legacy is going to the shitter when his or her most famous novels get translated into Disney cartoons and garish musicals But what s worse is that the rest of your output gets duly ignored I m going to go out on a limb here and say that Toilers might be Hugo s greatest work It s definitely superior to Notre Dame and it gives Les Miserables a run for its money.Sublime and supreme, this is the ultimate tale of man against the world Remember that English 101 crap about man vs n [...]

    10. Like early Clive Cussler Then this is a must read literary classic for you a singular hero, Gilliatt versus Dirk Pitt, his sidekick Giordino, tons of high tech equipment, and Numa backup teams the world over in Cussler s world must salvage the engines of ship which is wrecked, upright, between two massive rock towers springing from the ocean depths using the technology of the mid 19th century How he does it is amazing enough why he does it and what happens afterward is icing on the cake Of the f [...]

    11. I know many people will disagree with me here, but this particular book was an aggressively tedious read The story started off very well and held my interest tightly, unfortunately it soon was a struggle to care about the story as the narrative became extraneously descriptive The tempo of this tale is incredible slow, as the author carries on describing the entire history of every little thing that appears in the story I would say this book is twenty percent story and eighty percent needless tan [...]

    12. Our life seems to stand on the precipice of an isolated island divided as it is by a great sea that separates us from knowing the course of our destiny To live is to toil this sea to swim blindfolded upon the great expanse of its infinite waters that incessantly make us work hard to bridge the gap between our life and the fulfillment of our destinyThe sea is symbolically strewn in the novel as the immutable rough path that we should all undertake without much choice It is Victor Hugo s overwhelm [...]

    13. A really meaty main character Absolutely loved all the bits about his struggle salvaging the wreck man against the sea very epic feeling and harkens back to Greek myth for me, you know, heroes unsurpassed, like Hercules or Achilles And always with that tragic slant, which gives it depth of feeling I was truly enchanted by the contrast of characters innocent of pain, immersed in their joy, with our hero, Gilliatt, standing on a rock lashed by the sea, a symbol of those who give all and never tast [...]

    14. gutenberg catalog worlTranslator W Moy ThomasDedication I DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO THE ROCK OF HOSPITALITY AND LIBERTY TO THAT PORTION OF OLD NORMAN GROUND INHABITED BY THE NOBLE LITTLE NATION OF THE SEA TO THE ISLAND OF GUERNSEY SEVERE YET KIND, MY PRESENT ASYLUM PERHAPS MY TOMBOpening IA WORD WRITTEN ON A WHITE PAGEChristmas Day in the year 182 was somewhat remarkable in the island ofGuernsey Snow fell on that day In the Channel Islands a frosty winteris uncommon, and a fall of snow is an event.

    15. ending hard to digest real life does not always end smoothly.Although didn t want the ending to be this way,felt miserable about the end part but still liked altogether.

    16. The Toilers of the SeaVictor Hugo is fast becoming my favorite author Well, he s still got to pass J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis, but after reading The Toilers of the Sea I m determined to find of his work in translation I have already found out about 93 and The Man Who Laughs being available and look forward to reading them It doesn t mean he s easy to read though, Hugo is well known for going on long excurses about topics only tangientially related to the main plot They can be a chore to read, [...]

    17. I consider Victor Hugo the apotheosis of a romantic writer, in whose fictional universe love, honor and commitment are the most worthy and noble of all human choices, though often made at great cost This cost is usually tragic in his novels, but revealing, not flaws in the universe, but the relative insignificance of all calamities, even death, beside such choices.The conflict of Toilers of the Sea puts the love, honor and commitment of its hero, Gilliatt, in the starkest possible relief so much [...]

    18. It feels as though I have been aboard this book for months I mean this in the best possible way I had not read any Victor Hugo as an adult His style of story telling, his fastidious nature of description of minute detail after minute detail, he leaves no side of any stone or wrinkle untold or untouched I found the condensed language to be refreshing The book is a clinic of the sea, the toiling of the human spirit, a mystery, pure poetry I will say Hugo s affliction for the beauty of youth especi [...]

    19. The Man Whose Ship Came In In Pieces Spoilers Another great work by Hugo I d thought The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Mis were his greatest works, and had never even heard of The Toilers of the Sea, until I stumbled across a hardback copy in a local used bookstore It was definitely unlike either of his earlier books But, I certainly was lulled unsuspectingly into that ending The novel is written in a mature style than Hugo s earlier works But, typically, he takes many side excursions on a va [...]

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