Defiance Rising (2020)

Defiance Rising Now that is a beautiful sight I whip around instantly covering myself with my arms What are you doing here I scream Get out Aw don t tell me you re a shy one I didn t peg you for that Bastien grins
  • Title: Defiance Rising
  • Author: Amy Miles
  • ISBN: 9781466206564
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Defiance Rising
    Now that is a beautiful sight I whip around, instantly covering myself with my arms What are you doing here I scream Get out Aw, don t tell me you re a shy one I didn t peg you for that Bastien grins as he throws his leg over a rock and settles in for what appears to be an annoyingly lengthy time.Using one arm, I swim as quickly as I can away from the center o Now that is a beautiful sight I whip around, instantly covering myself with my arms What are you doing here I scream Get out Aw, don t tell me you re a shy one I didn t peg you for that Bastien grins as he throws his leg over a rock and settles in for what appears to be an annoyingly lengthy time.Using one arm, I swim as quickly as I can away from the center of the pool and head straight for the rocks Bastien seems completely unphazed by my rising fury and he grins down at me He does however reach out to retrieve my dagger from the pile of clothes he s perched beside Have you no decency I growl through chattering teeth If I don t get out soon I ll risk hypothermia, but there s no way I m going to give Bastien the satisfaction of seeing me naked.Twirling the dagger in his hand, he appears to contemplate my question I suppose this might seem a bit forward of me, but I thought you might like to know it s time to go Fine Message received Leave now He leans over the edge, peering down at me And miss all the fun I think not Illyria has never known a life without the Rebellion.Instinct.Survival.Nothing else matters until she ventures out into unknown territory and is faced with an enemy that proves even fierce and determined than she ever thought Bastien is infuriating, dangerous and annoyingly gorgeous Eamon is familiar, comforting and turning into a man before her eyes Both want her heartbut she is torn between duty and desire When her choice affects all of mankind, how can she allow herself to be selfish There is a power within her that can change everyone s fate but she underestimated the most potent force on Earth love Illyria must discover if she has the strength to sacrifice her heart to save mankind.
    • [E-Book] ☆ Defiance Rising | BY ✓ Amy Miles
      Amy Miles

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    1. AWAAAAAAAAAWWAAWAAW Wellw that I have that off my chest This book was so frustratingly awesome words can t describe I was hooked from the first page and was never let go Every page had you either laughing, in tears, or wanting to smack the author for the ending I realllllllllllllllllllllly want there to be a solution to the situation between Bastien and Illyria I am so team Bastien it s not even funny Destiny sucks big time in this book And when I mean big time, I m talking want to rip your hair [...]

    2. This was the first book that I ve ever tried to publish It was the culmination of two years of hard work while trying to fight through the slush piles on agent s desks Then I heard about how you could self publish on kindle and voila Illyria, Eamon and Bastien have finally been given the life they deserved It s a book that is very close to my heart since it s my first My second book series, Forbidden, is doing well and I know I ve imoproved greatly as a writerbut my soft spot for Defiance Rising [...]

    3. First things first I received a digital copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.When I first read this novel back in February, I was convinced it warranted a four star rating because I thoroughly enjoyed myself I rarely read science fiction that involves aliens, and I found the setup in Defiance Rising to be quite intriguing and wonderfully complex The world the author created was certainly teeming with danger and adventure What s not to love about it The world building [...]

    4. I am a huge fan of dystopian novels HUGE I loved Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Born, so when I heard about this book, by Amy Miles, I knew that I had to read it and find out why everyone was raving about it Boy, am I glad that I did I ll admit, the beginning started off slow, but as the world was built, brick by brick, I fell in love with the story The characters are normally what keeps me coming back, page after page, and this time was no different BUT, the world and what caused their societ [...]

    5. I m teetering between a 3 and a 4 On one hand it was exciting, full of action and had me engaged from the beginning On the other hand, the dreaded love triangle was there as well as a willfully stubborn girl that put everyone else at risk because she couldn t help being an impulsive daredevil Not to mention that she had 2 hot guys fighting over her Did I mention that she discovers that she is the most powerful person in the world and it s her job to save the world from invading aliens Despite so [...]

    6. Actual Rating 4.5 This is a fantastic read There were a lot of action packed scenes I loved dystopians just like this book, Divergent, and The Hunger Games The story was great, but the ending could use some work The characters were well developed and well written My favourite character is Bastien I am in love with him He is definitely boyfriend material Can t wait to read the rest of the trilogy Overall, an amazing read.

    7. OMG, that is all I can say Awesome story and love the characters Soooo frustrated.ultimate triangleill thinking about how this one ended I m ALL about Bastiengh

    8. Logically I know I m facing down death, but I can t explain why I m unafraid No, I am than that I am mysteriously confident IllyriaAmy Miles new book is packed with action and adventure, along with a steamy love triangle that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat I was hooked from the first sentence and was sucked into a world where aliens have taken over the planet The remaining humans must hide out in the mountains to avoid detection or face certain death.When the main girl, Illyria, [...]

    9. I saw this on Netgalley a while back and loved the cover Little did I know that I already owned this book So I figured it was time to knock this off of my TBR pile since it had been sitting there a while.Taking place in a post apocalyptic world Illyria has never known anything but a world full of destruction One day after venturing into enemy territory she meets Bastien A man who irritates her to no end and is totally the opposite of her best friend Eamon Soon she is faced with deciding between [...]

    10. I hear things, I say Whispers in my mind What do they say Sometimes it s hard to tell They are usually a jumble in my mind, but sometimes, late at night I can hear them when I m trying to sleep Any other time I tuck my legs up to my chest I hear them when I m about to lose control They cheer for me Let s get to the point If you love crazy, epic, powerful, kicking butt heroines then you re in for a treat If you love aliens who are advanced, hot, who take over plus destroy the whole friggin world [...]

    11. This book is action packed, you get thrown into the thick of things right off the bat I was so happy and giddy while reading this book I could not stay away from it I carried it through the house with my nose glue to the world this author created.Seriously guys, I was reading and walking through the house along with reading it while doing laundry very slowly in fact I am totally in love with Bastien, he was a man after my own heart His character was built so perfectly I was blushing and giggling [...]

    12. So yea 3.8 then.When I first started reading I was like wow This is going to be great I m going to love it Then I kept reading and small things started to mess that up Then bigger things made it even worse.The idea is great Everything about it The execution not so much The relationship with Illyria and Bastien wasn t played out right I was voting for Eamon though, but the way he started acting gave me issues.The way she just up and changed was a major problem Same with Bastien I just wish everyt [...]

    13. I loved this Trilogy not so fond of the ending but thats just because I wanted , not because it s not well written Book 2 was my least favorite of the 3 but I still rated it with 4 stars There are some editing issues in all three of the books but nothing that really detracts from the story itself When I started this series it was because book 1 was free iBooks but I quickly fell in love with Roseline and her desire for freedom Im a sucker for a good immortal tale and enjoyed that this one was wr [...]

    14. I have not read anything by this author before but that is all about to change What a great story, full of action, adventure and romance though the love triangle was a little frustrating How do you choose between your best friend and a man who gives you a reason to live Well throw in a little prophecy, save the world type pressure and life is about to get very interesting for Illyria Great supporting cast of characters with their own quirks who are along for the ride called Destiny I would have [...]

    15. Defiance Rising was a fantastic dystopian YA novel that I thoroughly enjoyed I loved that Amy Miles was able to incorporate romance, humor, sarcasm, action, drama, and suspense Sometimes, however, I could do without love triangles they re so freaking frusterating I loved the characters, especially Illyria and Bastien They are so similar and complement each other well I m totally Team Bastien, by the way Overall, Defiance Rising was an awesome dystopian YA novel that I believe many people would l [...]

    16. This seems like a promising YA series, but I did not really like it I just got bored with the back and forth in the depressing love triangle.

    17. WOW This book was recommended to me by a friend and I m glad she did as I loved this book from start to finish I love a good female heroine along with the hot men I was a bit apprehensive only because I hadn t read Sci fi before but once again I m glad I did.This book is a story of a love triangle and a young girls battle with her inner shadow of herself The characters have strength and bravery between them I love Bastien obviously.Can t wait to read the next book

    18. 4 Stars I can t take this Eamon is pulling from one side and Bastien the other Both sides are as miserable as I am How can this be my path, to hurt everyone I love Illyria is living in a place where Caldonians have taken over, where sky ships land each night scouring the woods for humans This place used to be her parent s earth, it has been lost to the past She must face the skeletal remains of the city, a place she has to explore, to find the truth so that they will have a chance to survive.Ill [...]

    19. This is a review for the complete series which I read, but I don t think the box set is available any I will try to limit my review to the first book and not give any major spoilers away for the next two books You can tell that this series is for the YA market, the actions and situations are definitely adolescent and while I liked the characters I wanted to slap both Ilyria and Eamon several times in each novel, in fact all the triangles except for Amiah and Toren were not something made the st [...]

    20. This book has the brilliant atmosphere and creativity of series such as Animorphs, though Defiance Rising also covers adult fiction ground with some darker aspects of the supernatural powers and the post apocalyptic setting Many characters have lost people close to them and no one has gone untouched.What is great about this is that it is realistic for a post apocalyptic time People are cowering and struggling to survive and, sometimes, people are left out on their own.There is a strong romance t [...]

    21. Book Defiance Rising Author Amy Miles Rating 3 Out of 5 Stars I would like to thank Red Coat PR for providing me with this galley in exchange for an honest review I did enjoy this, but, there was just something missing from it The world was greatAlien invasion and people trying to survive by hiding out Plus, we have our romance and strong, likable lead character What s not to like However, things just did not flow all that great for me and I just don t know what it was There was just something t [...]

    22. Defiance Risingis a bog standard YA Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Paranormal novel It doesn t particularly stand out from the crowd of such novels but it s inoffensive and reasonably enjoyable I would have liked to have seen of Evil Ilyria, who was much fun than Special Snowflake Ilyria who got a little grating after a while But it s not fair Omg Ilyria, LIFE is unfair Shut up already Editing mainly for grammar is needed Some plot decisions are stupid Yeah, totally don t kill your enemies, that w [...]

    23. Illyria has always lived in the woods She is part of the rebellion, always has, and was born in it But now the rebellion only exists out of teenagers, small children and elderly.The enemy aliens who took over earth and killed almost all the humans in the way.On Illyria s 18th birthday she takes off to the city, there have been these sounds and she wants to know what they are In the city live is different and she s recued twice by Bastien who has been living in the city Bastien is very cocky and [...]

    24. I received a free digital copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I absolutely friggin love this book The storyline and characters just everything It is honestly incredible Bastien OH MY GOSH I am in love He is so cute and caring and he shows us the true meaning of love He cares for Illyria then anything and it shows he s willing to do what s best even if that means leaving her and sacrificing his own heart.Eamon Now him I didn t like much, if at all He says he loves Illyria but he [...]

    25. If you ve read the book I Am Number 4 you ll feel like you re reading another take on it half way through this book I can not say I like this version better I was disappointed in the amount of time spent on describing things we should know about in the beginning of the book like how cement feels , and the lack of time explaining about the things we don t know about alien culture the mate chosen at your birth thing or why Illyria was a mistake I wished there was some level of growth from than ju [...]

    26. I generally love a good sci fi dystopia, but this one fell a little flat for me It got off to a great start, but I quickly stopped enjoying Illyria s sarcastic attitude that seemed to pervade every conversation she had Her first trip to the city left me tons of questions in a good way it was very well done But I disliked Bastian as well He became far too brooding and moody for my tastes Eamon, on the other hand, just never seemed to get it There was no development, and I felt very little emotion [...]

    27. Ok, I JUST finished this and I m all tensed up, yet I feel giddy at the same time This book is so good Emotions are all over the place, yeah, there s a love triangle, which isn t a good selling point to some people Well, I m not one of those people, I find that if the characters are engaging, deep, REAL, then I get sucked in no matter what I m not going into details about the story, mainly because you won t find them in the official synopsis and I think I enjoyed the whole experience better not [...]

    28. Defiance Rising is Book 1 in the Rising Trilogy by Amy Miles Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent will love this series with its dystopian city, good and evil humanoid aliens, disadvantaged human guerilla fighters who are mysteriously acquiring odd powers, and a spellbinding love triangle.As in the days of the Twilight Saga, readers will soon be choosing sides in the battle to win the heart of 18 year old Illyria, the heroine Expect to be hounded on social media to become a member of Team Bast [...]

    29. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The world ended and the Caldonians are to blame Mankind has been reduced to small bands of refugees hiding out in the woods trying to survive on what little resources they can find without getting caught Getting caught means to die On the cusp of womanhood, Ilyria is part of the human rebellion and wants nothing than to fight back and win against the Caldonians Strange tremors have forced her to enter the nearby aban [...]

    30. This book was amazing There were several twists and turns that I was not expecting, and each one had me going What does this mean What is going to happen now Illyria is such a strong person and endures so much I know I would have cracked under the pressure, but she truly is a warrior Miles does a fantastic job of creating these characters with many different sides The book is only 344 pages, but in that amount of writing, I felt that characters were able to develop and grow Bastien has to be my [...]

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