The Curiosity Cabinet (2020)

The Curiosity Cabinet The island reminds her of those magic painting books The shop here used to sell them You would dip your brush in water and pale clear colours would emerge from the page as this green and blue landsc
  • Title: The Curiosity Cabinet
  • Author: Catherine Czerkawska
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: None
  • The Curiosity Cabinet
    The island reminds her of those magic painting books The shop here used to sell them You would dip your brush in water and pale, clear colours would emerge from the page, as this green and blue landscape is emerging from the mist She saw before her a small but strongly built man, in his thirties perhaps, wearing highland dress, bare legs showing beneath the big blue p The island reminds her of those magic painting books The shop here used to sell them You would dip your brush in water and pale, clear colours would emerge from the page, as this green and blue landscape is emerging from the mist She saw before her a small but strongly built man, in his thirties perhaps, wearing highland dress, bare legs showing beneath the big blue plaid He reminded her of the highlanders she had seen on the streets of Edinburgh where sometimes, dressed in their outlandish clothes, they were perceived as crude figures of fun and sometimes, bristling with weaponry and with the drink taken, as dangerous incomers Manus was no figure of fun although she could see that he might be dangerous, a better friend than an enemy, perhaps When Alys revisits the beautiful Hebridean island of Garve after an absence of twenty five years, she is captivated by the embroidered casket on display in her hotel She discovers that it belongs to Donal, her childhood playmate, and soon they resume their old friendship Interwoven with the story of their growing love, is the darker tale of Henrietta Dalrymple, kidnapped by the formidable Manus McNeill and held on Garve against her will With three hundred years separating them, the women are linked by the cabinet and its contents, by the tug of motherhood and by the magic of the island itself But Garve has its secrets, past and present Donal must learn to trust Alys enough to confide in her and, like Henrietta before her, Alys must earn the right to belong.
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      Catherine Czerkawska

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    1. I would rate this 4.5 stars if I could It was a lovely story, well two lovely stories, actually, equally well told The first is the story of Alys, a divorced mother from Edinburgh who revisits the small island Garve, off the Scottish highland coast where she summered as a child There she encounters Donal, a man she had known when they were both children It is also the story of Henrietta, a 17th century woman, kidnapped and held captive on Garve Two of my friends have mentioned how much they enjo [...]

    2. On a cold, dark winter evening, it was lovely to be swept away, to a Hebridean island that Catherine Czerkawska named Garve The island is full of flowers Ashore, Alys knows that honeysuckle will clutter the hedgerows like clotted cream, weaving a dense tapestry with marching lines of purple foxgloves Earlier in the year there would have been clumps of thrift, a wild rock garden defining all the bays Later, meadowsweet will fill the hedges and ditches But now there will be pink roses and yellow i [...]

    3. I don t normally go for romance novels per se, but this one is a wonderful read It entwines two love stories three hundred years apart, with events which seem to reflect each other as the narrative switches from one to the other story In both, the characters are well drawn not stereotypical romantic heroes and heroines who are boringly bland, but flawed human beings with strong feelings and life histories Many reviews I ve read use immages about tapestry, jewels, weaving, and this feeling of som [...]

    4. ETA This is my considered review vulpeslibris.wordpress 201I need to come back with a considered review, perhaps all I can say at this stage is that I ve had this on my Kindle app for a little while, I started reading it on a short train journey this morning, and found it so captivating that I couldn t wait for the journey home to read it some Then, since I ve got home I ve neglected my domestic duties to read it to the end I just couldn t put it down Perhaps I was in the mood for this wonder [...]

    5. The Curiosity Cabinet C Czerkawska audio performance by Carolyn Bonnyman4 starsThe cabinet of the title is a 300 year old embroidered chest From the description, it sounded like an exquisitely decorated sewing basket with some equally fascinating contents The basket serves as a loose link to the stories of two women on a fictional Hebridean island There are two, parallel, love stories, one contemporary and one historical A few circumstantial similarities link the two female protagonists, but the [...]

    6. Romance novels are not my genre but while this could be called an historical romance novel I found it to be much The story centers on two women who live 300 years apart but whose daily lives, and family values and issues are intertwined despite the differences in their surroundings The historical aspects of Henrietta s life on a desolate Scottish island is fascinating as is the modern day description of the same The small doses of romance are there but the emotional climate of the characters in [...]

    7. From BBC Radio 4 Extra Catherine Czerkawska s tale of a recent widow and her mysterious connection to a 17th century portrait of a young girl.With Grace Glover, Mary Riggans, John Sheddon and Stella Forge.

    8. A good little read, billed as a romance , but a period piece with romantic interludes It s a gentle novel, and a worthwhile distraction.

    9. If you like well written romantic fiction with a happy ending, hunky heroes, spectacular scenery and a historical backdrop, then you can t do better than Catherine Czerkawska s Curiosity Cabinet.The cabinet in question is on display in a hotel on Garve one of Scotland s remote islands where Gaelic is still spoken and the distant past still feels relatively recent No one knows where the cabinet and its intriguing contents have come from, but Alys desperately looking for tranquility while her sma [...]

    10. When Alys returns to the Hebridean island of Garve she feels comforted by the strength of her childhood memories, of holidays spent exploring rock pools, and the feel of the silvery white sand between her toes Re discovering fragments of herself, she sets out to search for the secret of a beautiful embroidered cabinet which is on display in her hotel Her curiosity is encouraged by the deepening friendship with her childhood friend, Donal, who has remained on the island, and who is the guardian o [...]

    11. I think I can honestly say this is the best book I have read this year, which is somewhat surprising as my reading preferences are dark crime, and this certainly didn t fit into that category I loved the intertwined love stories, one set in the present and the other in the seventeenth century Alys returns to the island of Garve where she holidayed as a child, and immediately falls under it s spell as well as that of Donal her childhood friend While Henrietta is kidnapped and taken to the island [...]

    12. I read this novel over one weekend in Sydney, and was transported from a wet and windy Australian winter to the turquoise waters and wildflower scents of the Hebrides It caught my attention because, like my own novel, this is a love story set primarily on one of the Hebridean Islands or rather, it is two love stories, for Cabinet of Curiosities is a novel of dual storylines It s one of the rare good ones in which you become so absorbed in one story that you have forgotten the other, and feel mom [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book, Two love stories set centuries apart on the island of Garve, connected by an unusual embroidered box full of treasures gathered from the island and carried down the years by the McNeills the clan belonging to the place.The story is fairly gentle to start with, but as you get to know Alys and Henrietta and their situations it all of a sudden comes to life A heartwarming, gentle story abut two completely different women and their experiences of the island.It finished fa [...]

    14. A nice dual timelined story weaving old and modern stories of island life in the Scottish highlands It was extremely predictable but this didn t detract from the tale An easy read, good escapist stuff and a counter relief to the highbrow literary fiction I read just before this Not for everyone and possibly might not have read it if it hadn t been free recently.A good read, nothing like some old fashioned historical fiction to recover from a heavy going previous read On that basis 4 , kept me go [...]

    15. What a dam good read The setting is well described and I personally know the places Many words and events evoked discussion with my spouse which both of us did not really care for This remark is about the hero s background as described in book We have done the tatties years ago and it is backbreaking Fabulous love story best I have read in a long time I swear I could smell the smells in the book

    16. This book took me away to Scotland and the mystical island of Garve through a historical perspective and a modern day romance Catherine Czerkawska weaves the two stories together so that they are intimately connected and so is the reader.I love the way Czerkawska puts a sentence together I was stuck several times by the sheer beauty of her writing I would deem this a must read for anyone who loves both historical romance and adventure in faraway places.

    17. Lesson 1 before downloading a free book, always read the description carefully, it will save you some precious time.After reading the first few chapters I realized this book really wasn t for me It is not badly written at all and the characters were all right, it s just that I don t enjoy reading books such as this one.I was about to give the book one star but since it s a mistake on my part for picking up the book in the first place I think I will give it a two star rating

    18. A bittersweet storyThis well written novel contains dual stories about two very different couples tied together by a single place Both contemporary and historical, the scene is mostly set on one of Scotland s sparsely populated outer islands This is not one of your run of the mill Scottish highlander romances, with poorly written brogue dialect passing as dialogue rather it contains bits of Gaelic poetry that sings Read this book I think you will be enthralled.

    19. My first encounter with this author and I hope it won t be my last I thoroughly enjoyed The Curiosity Cabinet which combined two love stories set 300 years apart with some mild intrigue and beautifully described scenery I loved all the characters and loved the synchronicity between the present day story and the past.

    20. Two stories run in parallel, one in a past time and one modern Both stories are set on the same Scottish island and both stories weave around unconventional romances the cabinet features in both stories, linking the two.I enjoyed the characters and enjoyed the descriptions of the setting The ending has no big surprises, but is satisfying none the less.

    21. A beautiful story beautifully written This is the first book I have read by this author and I am really impressed Catherine really knows how to create a setting I was sad to finish this book and leave the characters and wonderful setting but next day I had moved on to another of her books which is very different but just as good.

    22. I wanted to love this book, it s my favorite kind of past and present story lines happening within one story I was loving the book until the end I so wanted a very profound culmination between the cabinet and the love stories of the couples in the book, but for me it just was lacking in that way It was a nice story to read though, just not as compelling as I was hoping.

    23. Abandoned I abandoned this book because it was not a genre that I appreciate I didn t give it much of a chance, only about six chapters It was shaping up to be a romantic tale, and not for me Too many other books waiting for me.

    24. I couldn t put this one down The two love stories, three centuries apart but inextricably intertwined, are captivating The writing is beautifully descriptive and transports one to the island upon which the majority of the book is set It made me want to go there

    25. I enjoyed this An easy read for bedtime, though at times I couldn t unserstand the heroin s motives I would have preferred a little insight into her thoughts and feelings Otherwise i would recommend it.

    26. Alternating stories of past and present coming together at the end make this a nice, light read.Strange thing is that I felt like I ve read this book It was published in 2005, so it s hard to believe I would so completely forget about it, but the story was so familiar it was a bit odd reading it.

    27. I found this slow going for the first chapter or so and then suddenly, it picked up pace and I was swept along I particularly enjoyed the story of Henrietta, so than Alys and I loved the descriptions of the islands and the people.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set on the coast of the Scottish Highlands Two stories which are entwined, one set in the 17th century and the present day.This novel is well written and the characters are superb 5

    29. loved it, I was transported to the island, both the present and past stories were magical and believable Took me ages to read as I had the kindle version on my iPad and don t resort to e reading unless there is no alternative If I d had the paper version I probably would have read it in a day.

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