A Quantum Murder (2020)

A Quantum Murder Dr Edward Kitchener a researcher into quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate is found dead Event Horizon needs to know who killed him so Greg Mandel psi boosted ex private eye is ent
  • Title: A Quantum Murder
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780330330459
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Quantum Murder
    Dr Edward Kitchener, a researcher into quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate is found dead Event Horizon needs to know who killed him, so Greg Mandel, psi boosted ex private eye, is enticed out of retirement, and put onto the trail.
    A Quantum Murder Greg Mandel, by Peter F Hamilton Not so with A Quantum Murder This is not because the book is thin on science and technology Both are about as heavily infused in the writing as they are in the author s DNA This book is so much of a marvel when you think that it was written twenty years ago Near future sci fi goes obsolete, as a rule, Quantum Murder, A The Greg Mandel Trilogy Peter F Sep , A Quantum Murder is the second SF novel in the Greg Mandel series, following Mindstar Rising In the previous volume, Greg and Gabriel were captured by their enemies and taken into the Fens They were handcuffed to a wrought iron railing in a tower Greg got them out of the handcuffs and they set the tower on fire. A Quantum Murder by Peter F Hamilton Feb , A Quantum Murder is the thrilling second book in Peter F Hamilton s incredibly successful Greg Mandel series Dr Edward Kitchener was a brilliant researcher into quantum cosmology but he s found dead, lungs spread on either side of his open chest. A Quantum Murder, a book by Peter F Hamilton Book review Apr , A Quantum Murder is the second volume in the Greg Mandel Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton Greg Mandel on his second case for Julia Evans and the Eventhorizon company If you have any of the other two Mandel books you ll know what to expect QM isn t quite as well written as Nanoflower, but it s in the same vein. A QUANTUM MURDER by Peter F Hamilton Kirkus Reviews A second workout for Greg Mandel, veteran of the Mindstar Battalion Mindstar Rising, , whose implanted gland gives him the psi powers of empathy and intuition in a medium future England beset by climatic warming and politico economic chaos This time, irreverent, bawdy old genius physicist Edward Kitchener has been murdered and horribly mutilated at Launde Abbey, where he ran a You books Peter Hamilton A Quantum Murder A Quantum Murder by Peter F Hamilton CHAPTER ONE It was the third Thursday in January, and after a fortnight of daily drizzles the first real storm of England s monsoon season was due to arrive sometime in the late afternoon.
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    1. This book is so much of a marvel when you think that it was written twenty years ago Near future sci fi goes obsolete, as a rule, faster than milk left out of the refrigerator Not so with A Quantum Murder This is not because the book is thin on science and technology Both are about as heavily infused in the writing as they are in the author s DNA Any and they would have bogged down the story as it is, the techno is just sufficient to get hard sci fi fans really excited playing out future proba [...]

    2. The second book in Greg Mandel s trilogy sees him attempting to solve the murder of a famous scientist It has advantages over the first book, primarily in that a murder investigation has stakes that are easier to relate to, and the investigation itself was intriguing.However, the book also shares its prequel s flaws The misogyny is ever so slightly less rampant, but still very much present The world building was a focus, but in such exotic locations as Peterborough, flowery descriptions felt hol [...]

    3. Great series by a very good author So far this is my favorite series from Peter F Hamilton I have his latest series yet to read A quantum Murder is as close as a contemporary book can get to cyberpunk but not really be cyberpunk What I mean by that is that cyberpunk was mostly written in the 80s and 90s and has that feel and flavor It got a lot of future predictions wrong and correcting those predictions kind of ruins the feel of what cyberpunk is What I think The Greg Mandel series does is take [...]

    4. A Quantum Murder , is written by Peter F Hamilton and is the second Greg Mandel book of three ISB number 978 0 330 33045 9, first published in 1994 by Pan.The previous book was written around corporate espionage and sabotage and this book feels like a detective combined with a SF book The story is focused on a number of students at Laude Abbey under the wings of Edward Kitchener Edward Kitchener, a double Nobel Laureate who invites three promising students each year into his home for an intensi [...]

    5. One hour into the book and the author decides to alienate all self aware female readers by having a male character say in dialog to another male character let s call him Bladibla stop giggling, Bladibla Only bloody women giggle Let s think about that sentence for a while, shall we I m sure the male part of Hamilton s fanbase doesn t have the faintest idea of what the problem here is Let s substitute women with Jews, and giggling with something else stop doing that, Bladibla Only bloody Jews do i [...]

    6. Recommended Slow to start, but turned complex and fascinating, and inside a wonderfully complete imagination of a world after Warming.

    7. 4.5 stars Set in the future, Greg has a gland in his head that allows him to tell when someone is lying, and he s used this skill for various private investigations He s called in to investigate the murder of Edward Kitchener, a genius whose work focused on quantum physics who s found murdered Only six people could have been killer, but when Greg rules them all out as suspects, he begins focusing on Kitchener s research and how quantum physics might be the key to solving this case.This is the se [...]

    8. The book was a good read The only thing missing in it was the Quantum thing There is nothing related to Quantum mechanics in the book so the title is kind of misleading If the title is ignored, the story was good considering it was one of the first books that i read

    9. Not bad but just not as good as the first book Plot kinda just abruptly stops, and the villain s plan is pretty flawed IMO Not to mention one of the main characters from the last book did pretty much nothing in this book, which was pretty disappointing.

    10. a good book, well written and tense untill the mental facility is introduced from there on it becomes predictable but still good.

    11. Scroll down for the English version.Chi ha ucciso Edward Kitchener Il secondo libro della trilogia di Greg Mandel per certi versi un vero e proprio giallo Gli elementi ci sono tutti un morto, un luogo isolato, un numero ristretto di possibili colpevoli, molti dei quali avrebbero avuto un buon motivo per ucciderlo, e apparentemente non stato nessuno di loro Per riuscire a capire chi l assassino, devi scegliere il meno probabile, ma non puoi in alcun modo immaginare cosa ci sia sotto L elemento fa [...]

    12. Dr Edward Kitchener, a brilliant researcher into quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate but no good to anyone now, lying dead with his lungs spread out on either side of his open chest.The security system at Launde Abbey was premier grade, yet a mercenary could still have got through, and plenty of people anxious to stop Kitchener s work would pay the killer s fee But why would a professional waste time in ritually slaughtering the target Something doesn t gel here Was Kitchener a [...]

    13. Hmmm, like 2.5 stars I enjoyed the story a lot, although it got a bit convoluted near the end Other reviewers seemed to take issue with Hamilton s political agenda I m the first to admit that I m not completely up to speed on Marxism vs consumerism capitalism and implications for future society.Wow, that sounded like a horribly pretentious sentence Hence my non involvement with all that stuff waves hands vaguely.Anyway, my main beef with this is Hamilton s portrayal of women, particularly the l [...]

    14. A QUANTUM MURDER is book 2 in the terrifically written, fast paced, excellent sci fi series of Detective Novels featuring psi enhanced agent Greg Mandel This time around, murder is afoot with the grisly demise of Academic Genius Dr Edward Kitchener, found torn to shreds in the bedroom of his exclusive manor and resort for fellow academics who are under the watchful eye of Kitchener as they finish their studies.It turns out, however, that Kitchener was working on a top secret project for the much [...]

    15. Originally published on my blog here in October 2000.Though slow in getting started, Hamilton s second science fiction mystery featuring psychic detective Greg Mandel turns into an interesting piece of detection Like the others, it is set in a post global warming, post socialist dictatorship Britain, much of the novel taking place in an area fairly familiar to me, around Oakham and Peterborough Seeing the familiar transformed as Hamilton has done here is quite strange the idea that parts of Belf [...]

    16. Wenn Peter F Hamilton versucht, alle Modewellen von 1993 gleichzeitig zu reiten, dann schreibt er einen YA Roman, der in der grimmen Zukunft eines durch Klimawandel und Sozialismus zugrunde gerichteten Post Peak Oil England spielt und versucht, Cyberpunk zu sein Wenn man dabei Worte wie Cybofax liest, dann ist das niedlich, aber Smartphones waren 1993 noch nicht erfunden, und Hamilton hat sie korrekt vorhergesehen, wenn er auch den Namen nicht wissen konnte, den wir diesen Dingen geben werden w [...]

    17. No Messing said GregHe said that a lot, and I couldn t work out what he meant by it.This is a Who Dunnit, but also a How Dunnit The set up is an isolated research retreat where only a very few suspects could have comitted the murder We are also persuaded almost straight away that none of these suspects had the slightest motivation or inclination to do so However, rather than creating a tense setup where the reader is unsure who is telling the truth, I was pretty convinced by the setup and just w [...]

    18. A Quantum Murder is the second in the Greg Mandel series by Peter Hamilton It is science fiction of a sort, in that it s a gruesome murder mystery that takes place in the future with all kinds of super neat gadgets but they can t seem to pave a road across the countryside to a college building and the police get stuck in the mud This suggests a problem with industry so how did they make and deliver those gadgets in the first place It s a small inconsistency but it bugs me.The story goes like thi [...]

    19. 4 12 hrs I was worried it was going YA, but now Greg is back and it looks like a traditional murder mystery.9 12 hrs 3 hrs left I m not totally bowled over I hope what I think will happen doesn t happen It seems mystery y and less science fiction y than the 1st Mandel book.All done I think it s the least impressive of his books, and that s including Misspent Youth Actually the murder solution wasn t what I expected It seemed far fetched Maybe he left clues on the way, but I missed it because I [...]

    20. High tech version of Clued that s a good thingHamilton makes this than just a near future thriller or even a run of the mill sci fi novel mixing genres he s turned A Quantum Murder into a good old fashioned whodunnit.just with better technology When an eccentric but brilliant physicist is brutally murdered by one of his very own students things get very complicated for Greg Mandell Normally something of this nature would be totally off his radar now that he s living the quiet life of a farmer U [...]

    21. A Quantum murder ah the book that introduced me to Mr hamilton what a writer utterly superb the Greg mandel books are set in the rutland area and also peterborough its set in the none to distant future and global warming has caused sea levels to rise so that peterborough is now on the coast and most of lincolnsire is shallow water oakham like many places is full of the refugees from that time and greg lives in a former timeshare complex where incidently i used to work greg was part of a military [...]

    22. The first Peter Hamilton I read was The Temporal Void I enjoyed it so then I went back and researched his catalog and decided to start at the beginning, the Mandel trilogy This is the second of the Mandel trilogy.I guess I would classify it as proto cyberpunk It s set in a post Global Warming England The New Conservatives have come to power after the excesses of a leftist regime I find it curious that Hamilton took heat for suggesting a leftist regime a fictitious one, at that could do such a th [...]

    23. A fairly straight whodunnit in a near future, globally warmed, corporation dominated world Main character has a couple of psychic talents and a group of particularly useful associates and friends But as with all whodunnits, the answer is not as simple as it may appear.This is a bit of a 90 degree shift from the first Mandel book, which was all corporate intrigue and a bit technothriller Here the story takes much less real time and thus it is developed with a bit languor and detail, with red he [...]

    24. What I learned from this book and entire series is to not judge a book by its cover Sadly, as superficial as I am, if I didn t know who Hamilton was, I never would have grabbed this book off the shelves Who designs those covers Anyway, about the actual bookThis being the second book in the Greg Mandel series, it is a little bit easier to follow, though I still feel that Hamilton threw in too many new and confusing terms and events for a book this size Throws off the flow However, it was still a [...]

    25. You have to love Greg Mandell Well, at least, I do He s tough but not brutal, he has a conscience, but he doesn t wallow in guilt and he doesn t have a huge chip on both shoulders which stops the story from going forward He also has enhanced empathy and intuition thanks to an implanted psychic gland in his brain which makes him one of the best private investigators you can get in post warming and post Socialism Britain.This is volume two in the trilogy, and it had a slower start, I thought than [...]

    26. Quantum predictability I so enjoyed the first book in the series This was a real let down None of the twists and turns of the first novel The good guys had too much power and were never in any real danger A very ordinary villain who s only caught because he loses his nerve and forces a showdown The obvious suspect apparently guilty then proven innocent by a new physics rabbit out of a hat And the first book s teen heiress, who showed such promise then, proves to be a spoilt, image conscious, sup [...]

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