Encrypted (2020)

Encrypted Professor Tikaya Komitopis isn t a great beauty a fearless warrior or even someone who can walk and chew chicle at the same time but her cryptography skills earn her wartime notoriety When enemy ma
  • Title: Encrypted
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Encrypted
    Professor Tikaya Komitopis isn t a great beauty, a fearless warrior, or even someone who can walk and chew chicle at the same time, but her cryptography skills earn her wartime notoriety When enemy marines show up at her family s plantation, she expects the worst But they re not there to kill her They need her to decode mysterious runes, and they ask for help in the manProfessor Tikaya Komitopis isn t a great beauty, a fearless warrior, or even someone who can walk and chew chicle at the same time, but her cryptography skills earn her wartime notoriety When enemy marines show up at her family s plantation, she expects the worst But they re not there to kill her They need her to decode mysterious runes, and they ask for help in the manner typical of a conquering empire they kidnap her, threaten her family, and throw her in the brig of their fastest steamship Her only ally is a fellow prisoner who charms her with a passion for academics as great as her own Together, they must decipher mind altering alchemical artifacts, deadly poison rockets, and malevolent technological constructs, all while dodging assassination attempts from a rival power determined the expedition should fail As if the situation weren t treacherous enough, this new ally may turn out to be the last person Tikaya should trust Those runes cloak than mysteries, however, and he s the only one who can help her unravel them before their secrets destroy the world.
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      Lindsay Buroker

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    1. This was a rec from a friend, and she got my number, this sort of story is precisely my thing a sort of cross between Shards of Honour with a touch of The Man in the Maze for ominous, and a code breaking language translating theme Right up my alley And it starts well I like the author s writing nothing to write home about, but competent and not in the way I like the universe, it is interesting a planet where there is a clash of cultures, some depending on magic, another backwards and militarist [...]

    2. I loved the Emperor s Edge series and this one is following the adventures of Rias Admiral Starcrest and Tikaya the cryptographer and I loved it too Ever since reading about Sicarius and his contact with Rias in the Emperor s Edge books, I was curious to discover how really things went And I was not disappointed This book if a non stop action A wonderful heroine, Tikaya and a fantastic hero, Rias WOW And, obviously a very young Sicarius The romance part is very light, but strongly present It s [...]

    3. This was a book I didn t know I wanted to read until I picked it up Which sounds kinda weird, but it made sense when I thought it Like, I didn t know I wanted a heroine with impressive linguistic skills who is far, far stronger than she gives herself credit for until I started reading about Tikaya Not only is she wicked smart and able to parse out unknown languages practically in her sleep, she s quick and adaptable and willing to push boundaries to find out answers.I totally appreciate a lady w [...]

    4. Finished last night as it was far too hot to sleep.Overall a fun read in spite of the phenomenal body count, racketing along at a crashing pace from start to finish, not just action but romance between enemies, one of my favorite story elements I do wish it had been proofed better grammar and spelling errors force me out of the immersion but that s a toughie that we all face these days There was also one sharp disappointment I guess because of all the wish fulfillment tropes that Buroker embrace [...]

    5. Utterly fun and compelling fantasy with sf nal elements or sf with fantasy elements that is very much in the spirit of Shards of Honor though set in on a secondary world with a mix of magic better put paranormal stuff like telepathy and the like so in many ways the book belongs in the grand sf tradition of old and early industrial tech rather than in a high tech multi system human space with biotech as magic vs old fashioned guns and armed spaceshipsThe militaristic empire Turgonian that shuns m [...]

    6. 4 5 4 stars A Lindsay Buroker is another new to me author I enjoyed this introduction to her writing very much Her heroine is a nerdy type who has a lioness lurking inside her and it was fun to see her coming out to play The world she built seemed to have a lot of aspects of our world but it was pretty different The three main societies military based, science based, and magic based gave lots of room for an interesting story to grow Looking forward to reading by this author.

    7. A typical Buroker, I d say Which means interesting world building set in the same universe as the Emperor s Edge series , great rich characters, funny banter, a romance a bit of the cleaner side, but with delicious tension I enjoyed it a lot and will read the other two in the series as well.

    8. Encrypted was kind of a mash up of PNR and science fiction without space exploration or space travel as well as some elements of fantasy I had quite a bit of fun reading it because of the adventure aspect In some ways it reminded me of a James Rollins novel with all the creatures and the cave exploration but with some romance thrown in The only problem I had with it was that I thought the I love you s happened quite a bit too quickly which reminded me too much of Insta Love I do have a problem w [...]

    9. This is what I d call a popcorn book It s pleasant, I enjoyed it, it was a light undemanding read but not veryflavorful It wasn t so much the book as a related series, The Emperor s Edge, that was recommended to me, which I understand is much stronger, so that this didn t make a strong impression won t deter me from trying that series, although I m not sure I want to continue the two direct sequels.The book blends several genres romance, science fiction and fantasy Indeed that blend of magic and [...]

    10. I found this quite disappointing, as I ve very much enjoyed all the Emperor s Edge books, and loved the idea of a heroine who is valued a dangerous tool because of her cryptography skills But while there was a lot to enjoy in this, two things really let it down for me, one major and one less important in overall plot significance, but still annoying The first was that our heroine, Tikaya, became virtually superwoman not only were her translating skills at incredibly high levels and by incredibly [...]

    11. Rather a strange storyline, with the people in the story living somewhere between the middle ages and the industrial age There are three races of people, telepaths, agrarian and militaristic, with the militaristic people being the most advanced industrially The story revolves around a university professor from the agrarian society really who is a code breaker really and an admiral from the militaristic society who has been imprisoned for disobeying his emperor These two, of course have a love af [...]

    12. This was the first of Lindsay s books I ve read, and from what I ve seen with Encrypted, it will not be the last I started reading this book while at home sick and I spent then next few hours lost in the world that Lindsay created It is so captivating, it will leave you wishing you could enter the pages yourself and explore outside the bounds of the story with Tikaya and Rias The cryptography was initially what drew me to this book, but I was sold completely when I read the description and found [...]

    13. I absolutely LOVED this book I devoured it in a day and completely ignored everyone around me in order to finish it It was such a unique idea to me and I completely loved the great mix of Science fiction with a love story It was wonderful Definitely recommend this one.

    14. Tikaya was a cryptologist during the war and is kidnapped about a year later to translate some ruins On the ship there s another prisoner that she s warned to stay away from, Rias, who has some big secrets This is super smart, scientist, nerd love and was really great Very good book.

    15. I got the Beginnings anthology and this was one of the books in it I enjoyed it very much I devoured the Dragon Blood series because the romance between Ridge and Sardell was similar to this one I think that is what I like most about her books There is romance, most of the time, but it is not an easily won romance.I m not sure what all to say about this book, but I will agree that the glimpse of the younger Zacharias was pretty nifty I ve only been able to read the first 3 books in the Emperor s [...]

    16. I m gonna be honest, a whole.5 stars was solely for Sicarius 3 Reading this has also cemented my decision in rereading Emperor s Edge even though I have like 1001 other books to read, but screw it, I need me some Amaranthe and Sicarius

    17. It s incredible how much difference a change of perspective can make I had initially tried Encrypted soon after I d finished the second book of the author s Emperor s Edge series, but found it less engaging than I d hoped perhaps due to the freshness of Amaranthe in my mind, making Tikaya here pale in comparison and put it aside for another day Picking up the book anew after I d finished the Emperor s Edge books and become acquainted to an older Tikaya in Forged in Blood II, though, I can happil [...]

    18. I was originally drawn by the cover After only a cursory glance at the description, I bought the book knowing only that the protagonist was kidnapped from her parents home for her gift with languages to decipher cryptic codes The whole time, I thought it was a YA and that s really what made me want to read it check my shelves, I m all about YA but it wasn t until the first 5 chapters I realized I was WAY off and read the actual descriptions and reviews.To my surprise, I was pleasantly surprised [...]

    19. This was a really well done book The plot is good Female geek is kidnapped by evil empire to translate an unknown language for some sinister purpose Along the way she is befriended by an enigmatic fellow prisoner who is also needed by her captors and whose secrets are both an opportunity and a danger to our heroine The world building is decent There is an expansionist, steam technology based, and militaristic empire There is a Psi based empire that is somewhat friendly Then there is a peaceable [...]

    20. Second read review I originally gave this book 4 stars, but upon reading it a second time, I ve decided to up it to 5 Why 1 Because I enjoyed it enough to read it twice which is a rarity for me 2 Because it was even fun the second time around This book is action packed and funny and an all around good time Extra bonus, the author updated the awful original cover she had on it.___________________________________I just looked at the cover on this book in detail and realized how awful it is LOL B [...]

    21. I had started to read the first of Lindsay Buroker s Empires Edge fantasy series quite some time ago and for some reason that I can t remember now I put it down and didn t finish it I remember liking it and the characters and the world, but there was something about it that didn t quite suck me in However, I did always plan on going back and trying it again.Then I came across Encrypted recently and thought it sounded interesting so would give this author another go It was a fun fantasy adventure [...]

    22. First off I ll say that I m a big fan of Lindsay s work and have read everything else she has put out so far That being said I read Encrypted as a bit of a prequel to the Emperor s Edge series as it does answer some questions that occur around the third book in that series The reader is also treated to a view of Sicarius as a young man, which was pretty awesome actually If I had no exposure to the rest of Lindsay s work this book would still be deserving of 4 4.5 stars I just think there was a l [...]

    23. After the Emperor s Edge series i was left jittery, scattered and down right catatonic for , and so i turned to Encrypted, to quench my withdrawal symptoms While Encrypted is not as good as the Emperor s Edge series, it is still an enjoyable read with fun characters and an interesting plot The writing of course is good, and the dialogue hilarious like i would expect My main little tiny issue, was that there was a small smidge of inta love type thing sorta Its hard to explain What i mean is that [...]

    24. In Encrypted, Professor Tikaya Komitopis spent the war using her skills to decode enemy missives So when she s kidpnapped from her family home she s terrified she ll be killed Her only ally is another prisoner, one as academic as her and with as big a secret Along with their captors and an assassin familiar to reader s of Buroker s Emperor s Edge series, if twenty years younger Tikaya and Rias understand the puzzling technology left by an ancient race and work to keep it out of the wrong hands T [...]

    25. Fun stand alone prequel adventure in the same universe as The Emperor s Edge I would suggest reading it after reading the Emperor s Edge series, because there are some fun easter eggs if you have It also makes one of the reveals significant if you ve read the main series It was cool to get to see Turgonians from another foreigner s perspective besides Balisard I enjoyed Tikaya and Rias as the nerdy protagonists, and seeing a seventeen year old Sircarius was really fascinating, given what we kno [...]

    26. I loved it I read this as part of the kindle bundle 14 Fantasy Books and it was by far one of the very best A mix of Lovecraft, Arthur C Clarke and Steampunk, the story is engaging, the characters are fun, the romance is there just in the right ballance and isn t one of those teenage romances so popular right now I was also very happy that despite being the first to a trilogy, the story starts and ends in the same book, and I can be satisfied with it for some time, though I ve already bought the [...]

    27. Good beginning to a series, the main characters are likeable though some of the plot points were obvious However it s well written, and we expect those points to happen.The book starts after a great war, and Tikaya has returned home to her family when she is taken in order to use her abilities to decrypt an ancient language She s not a walk over, but uses her intelligence to work her way out of the traps she finds herself in.

    28. I was a little leery about this one, even tho I really enjoyed Emperor s Edge I shouldn t have been.Lindsay does a great job expanding her world in this new view from the other side Well rounded characters, clever plot, and wonderful dialog this is a really nice read that ll keep you flipping pages until you get to the end.Highly recommended.

    29. It is a romance in the true sense a la Robinson Crusoe with a little romance in the modern sense thrown in too a la boy meets girl I loved it I ve been reading novels constantly for the past month, one or two books a day, and has been the best book I ve read so far I can t really add any that hasn t already been said by other reviewers

    30. It was nice to be back to Buroker s EE world some 20 years ago though I was glad to have Rias and Tikaya backd a 17 y o youth calledSicarius.Yes, nice.Buroker s books might not be perfect or without flaws but I don t care They are my comfort books

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