The Birthgrave (2020)

The Birthgrave She woke from a sleep of countless years reborn from the heart of a raging volcano Her body was a masterpiece all men desired her face a monstrosity that must go masked Warrior witch goddess and s
  • Title: The Birthgrave
  • Author: Tanith Lee
  • ISBN: 9780860079422
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Birthgrave
    She woke from a sleep of countless years, reborn from the heart of a raging volcano Her body was a masterpiece all men desired, her face a monstrosity that must go masked Warrior, witch, goddess and slave, she was doomed to travel through a world of barbaric splendour, helped and betrayed by her lovers, searching for escape from the taint of her forgotten race, and the mShe woke from a sleep of countless years, reborn from the heart of a raging volcano Her body was a masterpiece all men desired, her face a monstrosity that must go masked Warrior, witch, goddess and slave, she was doomed to travel through a world of barbaric splendour, helped and betrayed by her lovers, searching for escape from the taint of her forgotten race, and the malice of the demon that haunted her.
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      Tanith Lee

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    1. Buddy read with Shelly and Sam on August 1st Well, I m bowing out early on this buddy read I read about 2 3 of the book before I decided to call it quits It was just so dense and seemingly random that I had no idea where it was going, and I couldn t bring myself to care There s no doubt it was inventive and well written, as many of Lee s books are, but I wasn t excited to continue The book was too long and plotless.One thing that interested me in particular was the heroine s apparently hideous f [...]

    2. Tanith Lee s The Birthgrave is one of the best pieces of feminist speculative fiction I have ever read The main character is a woman of the old race humanlike creatures with apparent immortality and powers above and beyond that which we possess She awakens in a volcano, and is told by the spirit in the fire that she is the last of her kind and will spread a curse of unhappiness across the land, unless she can unlock the secrets to the power and knowledge hidden within herself Thus she leaves the [...]

    3. The Birthgrave An Adult Coming of Age Novel Dark, Haunting AdventureHaunting Release The Birthgrave is a coming of age novel of and by a female goddess Tanith Lee s debut novel is adult oriented, dark fantasy This one is epic, dosed with poetic horror and battle, and features lots of risky writing entertaining The 2015 reprint comes with a haunting introduction written in January, just months before her May death coinciding with the paperback release in the US.The female narrator quests to free [...]

    4. This book is quite an experience It feels like a 5 star read at the moment, but I ll have to think on it some .

    5. Not a perfect book, but a mighty impressive first novel or first adult novel I think Tanith Lee had published some YA books prior to this Our narrator who remains nameless until the very end of the book, and whose name would be quite the spoiler wakes, amnesiac, in a chamber in a soon to erupt volcano she speaks with and is cursed by a Dark Power and flees just before the eruption possibly caused by her flight She goes masked, having been cursed with great ugliness, but is also herself the wield [...]

    6. I found this book just a touch exasperating in the beginning because the main character makes some very odd and not entirely wise choices and often seems to just let herself be helplessly swept along by events she could potentially have some control over However, in good time the reader gains a great deal of insight as to her inner workings shedding a lot of light which makes previously senseless choices very sensible and understandable indeed What I liked most about this book, other than the be [...]

    7. What a weird, fabulous novel starring a weird fabulous woman The ending didn t quite work for me though I appreciate what Lee was trying to do and God knows, I love surprises and twists and cross genre stuff, but it was all very rushed like Lee didn t know how to solve the problem she made for her character so she let a bunch of other characters come from nowhere to solve it for her But still, a great first novel and very mesmerizing.

    8. Tanith lee is a remarkable writer her prose often sings with the beauty of a Clark Ashton Smith, and her powers of observation are formidable I also found the ideas here engrossing than what I ve seen of some of her later work, some of which just seems like normal contemporary vampire fiction, albeit written better than 99% of her peers.Unfortunately what started off as one of the best and most engrossing fantasy novels I ve ever read goes completely pear shaped at the end The ending is so infu [...]

    9. The voice of the narrator unnamed but for those given by others carries a weird calm and intensity, a detachment that speaks of underlying trauma or depression She seems an observer in her own story, as she is slotted into roles and pushed into actions by the stereotypically dynamic and assertive male characters who would be the usual protagonists She frequently disagrees with her own actions or second guesses decisions, as though she wars with her own mind or does not know her own desires Meanw [...]

    10. For the first 80% of this book, I did not expect to be giving it 5 stars For the first 50% of this book, I wasn t sure whether or not I would give it 4 Yet here I am, 5 stars, and teary eyed Haunted by a demon and living in a man dominated world, Tanith Lee s at first unnamed protagonist stumbles forth in some vague quest to lift her curse It is this vagueness, and the character s self destructive impulses, that can at times make the story a little infuriating Yet, reading the text was like ente [...]

    11. I cannot believe I read another of Tanith Lee s books This book had no plot If you re a stickler for plot you re probably not going to like this book And the ending Wow I have never read such a horrible ending We follow this amnesic goddess through multiple adventures in this sort of ancient, tribal land only to have all the questions answered at the very end when this nameless goddess gets abducted onto a UFO That s right UFO This UFO is apparently equipped with a super computer that can read a [...]

    12. This is the first in the Birthgrave trilogy, and the first adult novel published by the author who had previously published at least one children s book Written at the age of only 22 years old, in many ways it is a tour de force, and yet I struggled to get through the densely written 408 pages.The story is told from the first person viewpoint of a young woman whose first real memory is of waking up in the dark and finding her way out of what turns out to be a volcano on the verge of eruption Bef [...]

    13. A pagina 220 abbandono ufficialmente la lettura Questo romanzo soffre pesantemente non solo della mancanza di esperienza dell autrice, ma anche di un editor capace Poco vale che si tratti di un opera del 1975 I buchi nella storia sono decisamente troppi, non si riesce a seguire il filo logico degli eventi e, se all inizio pensavo fosse un effetto voluto, ora credo proprio di no.La scrittura non fluida, ci sono troppe descrizioni inutili nei tempi morti mentre i fatti veri e propri vengono buttat [...]

    14. Buddy read withI bet you thought I was going to say the MacHalos didn t you Well, you smarty pants, you d be wrong Reading to commence tomorrow with Shelly and Heather And, unlike Shelly who obviously reads things wrong kidding sort of , I hope this one is just as good as The Silver Metal Lover I m ready Tanith Lee Show me what you ve got

    15. I really wanted to like this book I read it to the end, hoping the lead character would redeem herself But she never did She is a goddess, with superpowers, but she allows herself to repeatedly be a victim of any victimizer within range.I heard Tanith Lee was a feminist fantasy author, so I had high hopes for this and maybe I missed something but this book sucked.

    16. The Birthgrave was Tanith Lee s first published book for adults it reads like a book written by an author unsure if they will get a chance to write another story It s got a little of everything sword sorcery banditry, a military campaign saga, life among the primitives, a journey of self discovery, anda literal deus ex machina in the form of a crash landed UFO It s all a bit much when taken together there are enough ideas and concepts in The Birthgrave for four or five separate novels Still, you [...]

    17. All things considered, I don t think this is a novel that really deserves the label classic It is a book that had an impact when it was published, but one with so many flaws that I can t really call it a good book If I compare this with the short story that made me pick up this novel, Lee must have developed considerably as a writer throughout her career It is a fairly quick read if you let yourself be swept away by Lee s lovely prose and the emotional turmoil that surrounds the main character F [...]

    18. Da webalice michelestelUn Consiglio di Lettura molto particolare, questo mese Perch un consiglio a scopo didattico, pi che per il divertimento della lettura Un consiglio per cercare di capire quello che si legge, saper valutare come scritto, entrare un poco pi in profondit nel giudizio dello stile di scrittura rispetto a seguire la trama solo per vedere come va a finire.Perch lo faccio Non lo so Solo che riordinando le migliaia di ebook in mio possesso, sono capitato su quelli di Tanith Lee, scr [...]

    19. DNF 44%I ve already spent too much of my life on this book I ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point.The story was unfocused The heroine wanders from place to place with no real end goal every so often, she ll remember that she s supposed to be going on an actual quest, but it never happened in the 44% I read.The scenery that was described was nice to picture I enjoyed the detail that was given to the various cultures of the people the heroine journeys with I won t fault the book for those, [...]

    20. Awakening from apparent death with no memory of her past, one women sets out on a fraught journey of self discovery What she discovers is a bit trite and has tinges of a deus ex machina, but it exhibits a level of intent which recasts her journey in a far interesting light so, despite its weaknesses, the end is satisfying Unfortunately, the rest of the book is not In the first three quarters, the protagonist meanders through a joyless and repetitive world in journey centric plot it mimics a tra [...]

    21. Eh, I m going to put this aside and maybe try again at another time I only got to 4% and struggled even with that I love the premise, but not in the mood for the writing style Sorry Heather and Sam Well, it looks like Heather DNF d it too, so I don t feel so bad haha Buddy read with Heather and Sam August 1, 2016.Please be better than Silver Metal Lover.

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    23. The news of Lee s death last year inspired me to read something of hers, and The Birthgrave was at the top of lots of recommendation lists, so I picked this one I ve read one of her books before Heartbeast, back in the 90s and didn t think much of it, but I like to think that my tastes have matured since then Still, I went into this book with some reluctance It s lengthy and has small type, and I wasn t sure if I was ready for a style like Lee s In the end, I was surprised I liked this book as m [...]

    24. Stuff I Read The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee ReviewI had no real idea of what to expect when I opened this book I mean, that cover is kind of insane, and I just didn t know But I ve been meaning to try something by Tanith Lee and found this one The experience wasting From the start it is a bit of a strange journey, a woman waking up in a dormant volcano and flung out into the world to find herself worshipped and feared and used and abused It is not often a very comfortable journey, nor a comfortabl [...]

    25. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures bookswithoutanypictures 20The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee is the story of a young woman of an unknown race who wakes up in the bowels of a volcano She s the last of her kind, and has no idea who she is or where she came from She only knows that a mysterious and vaguely sinister entity that calls itself Karrakaz has spoken to her, telling her of the atrocities her people committed Only she has been spared, because she just a chil [...]

    26. I first read this book a few years ago while I was recovering from a broken ankle I had read Lee s Dark Dance and Secret Books of Paradys and loved the sinister and fantastical elements of her writing, and wanted The Birthgrave did not disappoint.Overall, this is a wonderful adventure and self discovery story The narrator makes a lot of questionable decisions, but I think they are often due to her own confusion and subconscious fears Her strange path is one she chooses herself, even if her moti [...]

    27. Tanith Lee s The Birthgrave has a somewhat interesting story behind it But, unfortunately, it s entirely destroyed by the her protagonist In a nutshell, the main character is a perpetual victim who wanders from rape to rape, from degrading experience to degrading experience, until she ends up at the end of the book She has no character, no thoughts, no goals No nothing It s ridiculous The very premise of the book is that she wakes up with absolutely no memory She doesn t know her gender, her loo [...]

    28. Even though I understood, while I read it, that there were multiple layers of meaning behind everything happening, the whole thing still cracked open like an egg at the end, the story s magnitude overwhelming me And I thought I was prepared for it, being clever and recognizing things as they happened, but ohhhhhh no I thought I was smart for picking up on the very subtle clues, when in fact the whole damn point of it all is displayed in every sentence, in every action, in every abuse, plain for [...]

    29. This is long form Conan the Barbarian from a female perspective, with a whole lot of sexually charged violence, a little sprinkling of Sci Fi, and a much appreciated Sherlock Holmes style summation tying up all the loose ends None of this is a bad thing, but it was a little familiar in style However, the main protagonists all dead except for the heroine of the story were uniquely drawn as the next, creatively and sadistically decadent, evolutionary leap of mankind Sort of dated prose and very lo [...]

    30. Tanith Lee s first foray into adult fantasy is this beautiful and haunting feminist sword and sorcery epic The writing is beautifully baroque, the setting is wonderfully fantastic, and the central character is perhaps one of the most wonderfully well realized characters in all of fantasy fiction.A masterpiece.

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