Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness (2020)

Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness Fandom Harry Potter A novel following Neville and the D A through the th year at Hogwarts under the reign of Snape and the Carrows
  • Title: Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness
  • Author: AndrewBlake Thanfiction
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness
    Fandom Harry Potter A novel following Neville and the D.A through the 7th year at Hogwarts under the reign of Snape and the Carrows.
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      AndrewBlake Thanfiction

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    1. This book is, in the words of Seamus Finnigan bloody incredible If something good happened I wanted to throw a party, if a character died I wanted to throw a funeral view spoiler for Ernie I wanted to throw a billion hide spoiler and I full on wept through the last few chapters who knew books could make you feel so much This is THE BEST Harry Potter fanfiction I ve ever read well, in all fairness it s the only Harry Potter fanfiction I ve ever read, but that s beside the point I ve never liked f [...]

    2. There was a time I read a ton of fanfic and I have a high tolerance for fanfic tropes like Mary Sueness and the characters being somewhat out of character for the purpose of the fanficcers So when I ran across some positive reviews of this fanfic that tells what took place at Hogwarts during what would have been Harry s seventh year, I was pretty enthused That s a book I wish J.K Rowling would write, but since she probably won t, I d love to have a fanfic substitute Dumbledore s Army is better w [...]

    3. Leaving aside the scandals surrounding Blake, this story was very much not my thing I kind of really loved the premise of the story, and, in a technical sense grammar, writing to an intellectual audience, vocabulary , it was pretty flawless ButThis was a story in the Harry Potter universe, but it might as well not have been, as the characterisation certainly wasn t flawless I really did not feel he stayed true to any of the characters and many of them seemed to just be one dimensional, flat ster [...]

    4. Just saying, a true Harry Potter fan should definitely go ahead and read Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness I am not usually into fanfic either, but this one is really worth reading The story follows Neville Longbottom and the remaining D.A and how they put up with Snape s regime at Hogwarts while our beloved trio hunt the Horcruxes outside the safe walls of Hogwarts The author has channeled all his efforts and brilliant writing skills into the 500 pages long novel and during the reading [...]

    5. wow.Holy Wow.I am speechless Literally speechless.This book brought to light all the background characters in Harry Potter We see them all grow up, see them forced to become soldiers, to fight and die for their beliefs This book made me fall in love with all the heroes of Hogwarts Neville, Ginny, Luna, Ernie, Terry, Seamus All of them It just There are not words Granted, the terrible things that happened were a little far fetched, but still This book is amazing It will change how you see the Hog [...]

    6. If you have the time to read a full length Fan fiction this one takes the cake Andrew Blake provides a detailed accounting of the events at Hogwarts during the seventh year of the story and enthralls readers with descriptions of unparalleled depth The book expands on the character development of nearly every character in the school from the heroic yet self doubting Neville to courageous and loyal Ernie Macmillan You will find yourself in tears at least a couple times and won t leave until you ve [...]

    7. Neville had no bad qualities in this novel, other than the obvious hero taking on too much and not sharing his feelings not fault There was definitely a solid attempt at keeping the story canon Most frustratingly was the blatant sexism throughout References were constantly made to how good witches were at magic despite their having been born female, how so and so witch was almost as good as the wizards, etcetera I found it extremely distracting and it really ruined the immersive experience I see [...]

    8. DAYD fills a need in the Potter fanon that was evident from the first time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the story of Neville, Ginny, and Luna running Dumbledore s Army under the Snape Carrow regime For better or worse, DAYD has been anointed as the definitive version of that story, so I ve finally gotten around to reading it.It was an interesting read Because some parts of it were so incredibly good, and some parts were so cringe worthy, that I m at a bit of a loss what my overall [...]

    9. This is THE BEST fan fiction I have ever read A must for all Potter fans Blake is dedicated to the authenticity of the series and uses this fantastic story to answer all the questions that formed in my head while reading the Deathly Hallows In fact, it s so well written, it is as if Jo Rowling wrote this herself under another name.

    10. In Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness, Andrew Blake aka Thanfiction has compiled all of the tantalizing hints about Neville s life within the timeline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and developed them into a magnificently written, 247,000 word long volume.You ll be delighted if you ve ever wished Rowling had fleshed out the stories behind these tidbits which she mentioned only in passing How Snape and the Carrows really discipline their students with the Cruciatus Curse, and bey [...]

    11. 4.5Now let me cry This is to Renny, Kevin, Krum, Cho, Chris, Perseus, Padma, Parvati, Dean, Terry, Michael, Ernie, Romilda, Colin, Dennis, Lavender, Hal, Ritchie, Rowan, Anthony, Camellia, Katie, Jack and the list goes on.Really, this story was one hell of a rollercoaster It s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but from Neville s POV If you ve read all the HP books, you know a little bit about it Neville tells the Trio when they are going back to the Room of Requirement.And this story was gru [...]

    12. Absolutely adored this By far one of the best fanfictions I ve read The characterizations were consistent and accurate to canon The plot and sub plots made sense and added to the story The gaps from the original story were so neatly filled in that I sometimes forgot that this was a fic Obviously, Blake s writing style is very different to JK s, but I think that s why I enjoyed it This was darker and sexier but it managed to break my heart into 10084732973 tiny pieces Terry and Mike were amazing [...]

    13. This book was absolutely tremendous I m a staunch advocate for reading physical books, and find attempting a novel on a screen exhausting, but this was so, so different.The first few chapters are a touch shaky, but as the story advances and the writer becomes certain of himself it becomes clear that this is no ordinary fan fictionD is expertly paced, with Blake finding the mark between internal and external detail that Rowling used throughout the series.Seeing Hogwarts through the eyes of the c [...]

    14. I love this novel I don t want to oversell it, but it s easily the eighth book in my Harry Potter headcanon.The rest of my review contains abundant spoilers from the entire Harry Potter series, but no spoilers for anyone who has read all of those books view spoiler Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness is a full length fanfiction 256k words following the members of Dumbledore s Army during Harry s seventh year at Hogwarts while he s off hunting Horcruxes The main character is Neville Longbo [...]

    15. I reread this so I could be sure to get my canon right for the Secret Santa Exchange on the DAYDverse community on LiveJournal I hadn t read it all the way through in a couple years and this read through reminded me exactly why I love this series so much and yes, it is a series Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness, Sluagh, and A Peccatis incomplete being the three existing works at the moment.Andy s writing captivates It pulls you in and doesn t let you go Witness why I m writing this revi [...]

    16. DAYD is a great fic, but READERS, PLEASE BE CAREFUL Andy Blake, AKA Jordan Wood, AKA Victoria Bitter, AKA Thanfiction , is a very intelligent, very manipulative guy and HE S A CULT LEADER No joke Victims from the worst of it, about ten years ago, have come forward and one of them has even written a book about it He s also been convicted of charity fraud in California, btw And despite the name changes, he s still the same guy he was back then He s manipulative, helpful, very charismatic, and cons [...]

    17. This is less of a fanfic and of a canonical representation of what Neville and the others had to deal with back at Hogwarts It is raw and rough mature and gory it is nearly your worst nightmare read Sluagh for one of those What Andy has done was take all that Rowling has considered canon in her novels and extra tidbits and combined them into one how did they get there novel.When Cormac threw up on Snape s shoes in the HBP movie that was Ernie, before the movie scene was even written.When Nevill [...]

    18. If you are a Potter fan are looking for a fix this is about as good as it gets without re reading the original series.This is basically Deathly Hallows book 7 but with less Hallows and less Harry because it is told from Neville Longbottom s perspective.Honestly, I don t usually do fan fiction, but I stumbled across this from a link on a Harry Potter fansite I can t thank the person who linked to it enough This was well written, moving, exciting magic.It isn t entirely perfect, there are a few mi [...]

    19. Once again as book it gets 2.5 stars, but as fanfiction 4 or 4.5 This is much needed look at what happened at Hogwarts during their seventh year However for me it was too much of Neville and too little of everyone else While Neville is not my favourite character I still reasonably like him, but I would like it much if it gave us also insight into others Ginny, Luna, Ernie this way it was Neville Longbottom and Year of Darkness, not Dumbledore s Army But still, really great, great piece of fanf [...]

    20. One of the best works of fanfiction I have ever read Though never endorsed by JKR, I definitely consider this canon It s extremely well written, and made me cry on several occasions even on my 4th read through It s a lot darker than HPDH, but apart from the final battle, I think I actually prefer it I d have to reread the book to see how many liberties Andrew Blake has taken though.

    21. Really liked this fan fiction book It tells the story in the same time frame of the last book of the series, except from Neville s point of view of what is happening at Hogwarts while Harry and friends are off tracking down horcruxes I think the author did a great job of developing characters there were in the background of the actual Harry Potter books And, honestly, I loooved Neville s character in the books so obviously am quite happy that a book is dedicated to him

    22. amazing fanficton based on the year at hogwarts during the 7th HP book, following the DA and all their triumps well worth the read

    23. Dumbledore s Army and the Year of Darkness is one of the most stunning fanfics I have had the pleasure to read Set during the seventh year at Hogwarts, it takes the focus away from the Golden Trio s adventures and brings us squarely back into Hogwarts itself The focus of the fanfic is how Hogwarts is managed after Dumbledore s death with Snape as headmaster and the Carrow s in charge of discipline The central character therefore becomes Neville who takes on Harry s role as the leader of Dumbledo [...]

    24. I would like to say that this was not all that bad I gave it one star because of a couple of inaccuracies and it was a totally unbelievable We all know Snape is an ass but there is no way i believe he would let all of that happen The Cruciatus curse and the whipping to a certain extent yes.The murder attempts and deliberately trying to get them bitten by a werewolf no In the memories Snape left Harry Snape tried to save Lupin from a Killing Curse and he despised him so I don t view those events [...]

    25. Quite honestly one of the best fan fictions I have ever read Google fan fiction if you re unfamiliar with this concept Initially this story was just a one shot this means short story in fan fiction terminology strictly spoked a story consisting of no than one single chapter of 4,000 words, which developed not just into a 256,000 word long novel cf to Harry Potter and the Deahtly Hallows at approximately 198,000 It gives a great insight in how the terror reign of the Carrow tyrants quite credibl [...]

    26. I would give this stars if I could It was masterfully crafted, with extreme attention to detail It was woven seamlessly with the original work, and I got a thrill from seeing the vague things Harry hears once he returns to Hogwarts for the final battle fleshed out in great and loving detail There were so many innovative additions to the HP universe, most notably the one near the endI won t spoil it for future readers though I loved how the minor characters weren t so minor any in the course of [...]

    27. This is definitely in my top 10 Definitely, and I ve read many fanfiction I d say than I m proud of But this got me so bad I made it canon, 100% canon, even when I m actually not so happy about it because of how many died As I read in another review, I hadn t either shred than a few tears back reading the books, but this one in particular made me cry for a long while something around half the Battle of Hogwarts I remember thinking that there were only a few characters that please please don t [...]

    28. If you are a Potter fan are looking for a fix this is about as good as it gets without re reading the original series.This is basically Deathly Hallows book 7 but with less Hallows and less Harry because it is told from Neville Longbottom s perspective.Honestly, I don t usually do fan fiction, but I stumbled across this from a link on a Harry Potter fansite I can t thank the person who linked to it enough This was well written, moving, exciting magic.It isn t entirely perfect, there are a few mi [...]

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