Welcome to Scranton (2020)

Welcome to Scranton It s a wild ride through Scranton in this darkly funny and touching story about guys in their twenties trying to figure out life in their hometown The boundaries of friendship are tested as one of the
  • Title: Welcome to Scranton
  • Author: Greg Halpin
  • ISBN: 9781453847244
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to Scranton
    It s a wild ride through Scranton in this darkly funny and touching story about guys in their twenties trying to figure out life in their hometown The boundaries of friendship are tested as one of them hits rock bottom Welcome to Scranton paints a portrait of a small town that includes political corruption, a disgraced teacher, and the hilarious misadventures of young meIt s a wild ride through Scranton in this darkly funny and touching story about guys in their twenties trying to figure out life in their hometown The boundaries of friendship are tested as one of them hits rock bottom Welcome to Scranton paints a portrait of a small town that includes political corruption, a disgraced teacher, and the hilarious misadventures of young men The story takes you deep beneath the cliche of small town life It offers scenes that make you laugh out loud, situations that make you cringe, and, above all, Scranton itself looms large as the kind of ugly, lovely town that we all know too well welcometoscranton
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    1. Do you like dark humor I thought this was amazing Somehow even with loads of foul language, disparaging remarks about women, and you name it this book has it, I think this book is great The foul language and racial slurs are all necessary to depict the characters in the book.The two main characters that Welcome to Scranton revolves around are Henry and Ed It is all written in first person from the viewpoint of Henry He hates his name so you don t even know that right off Henry has a group of mal [...]

    2. I won this book from the First Reads giveaway Let me begin by saying, typos bother me After I noticed several right together, I started highlighting them There are at least four really obvious ones in less than 30 pages p38 I don t know what the fuck I what I was thinking p44 Opening quotation marks are missing before I don t get the name p63 I made an espresso for him and listened to him go on about Tom and Jerry p64 boydriends boxers There may be that I skipped over before I started marking t [...]

    3. I was very confused about this book I m not sure if I missed something, but I kept waiting for a plot to appear.I felt that the story with Ed was so so It felt very unreal I wasn t very sure about what was what I also felt that character development was extremely lacking, which makes sense because the book was so short I think the book could definitely be expanded upon and I would like it There were a few grammatical errors typos but that s okay Overall, it was definitely not the worst book I v [...]

    4. Just found out I won a copy yay, thank you for choosing me Cannot wait to read it So, this book is a very fast read Not a lot of big words or hard to understand plot twists, but the characters are well enough developed that you could start to relate to them, well, most of the time I enjoyed this book, however, like some other poeple have pointed out, there were many typos I understand this is an advance reader copy, but ACK

    5. First couple of chapters are available on GoodReads political corruption, a disgraced teacher, and the antics of young men, in Scranton, PA Used Wordle to create his book cover one of those fun projects that can be a pain to create a good one I like his webpage for the book, it shows a lot of pictures around Scranton Sensitive Readers view spoiler Typical profanity, promiscuity hide spoiler

    6. The best part of this book were the characters They were real and engaging I appreciated aspects of the story but for the most part I felt like it was a little flat The ending seemed abrupt and the resolution seemed too easy, especially since the challenge didn t even seem established yet However, this was a enjoyable read

    7. This first reads book by Greg Halpin was an interesting story offering a glimpse into the lives of 20 something guys in their hometown The question, Do you stay friends with someone because you ve always been friends, made for a good, quick read I d definitely be willing to read about Scranton and its inhabitants.

    8. I enjoyed reading about Scranton and the lives of the characters in this book It was an easy read and was written in a way that you would sympathize or not like a character I look forward to reading stories from this talented author Great job

    9. I won this as a First Reads book Yay I also agree about the typos, they began to get annoying However, I enjoyed reading the book It was quick and easy to get through I won t be putting it on an all time favorites list, but I will look for from the same author in the future.

    10. Not what I would normally read but nicely structured, amusing read with strong characters and some memorable scenes Very well handled dialogue and a strong sense of plavce.

    11. As much as I wanted to like this book I just couldn t In it s defense the characters seemed very honest to Scranton I should know I grew up there That being said that s all this book was, a character study of a few people from Scranton The book has no plot, no direction and the only thing it achieved was to make my feel like I was back home in a bar having a go no where conversation It did bring back memories such as Jack s Draft House, but that could have been done on facebook and faster than r [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book I was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and was also in my 20 s during the time period this story was set I found Greg s description of the landmarks, establishments, and the people who frequented them to be totally on the mark made me laugh out loud at how true the statements actually were I found the story of Ed to be a good one I related to how one can be torn between loyalty to a childhood friend and realizing that what once drew you together no longer exi [...]

    13. I once read an article by a screenwriter once wherein he describes his first attempt to write screenplay for a romantic comedy based on a relationship he d had in college When he finished, his friends from college all loved it but anyone who wasn t already familiar with the events on which it was based thought it was awful His point was that sometimes you really have to have been there for a story to be any good and a successful writer needs to know when a story is funny and when a story is funn [...]

    14. Completely not what I expected The writing was poor at best, very disjointed The author overuses the word said as if there is no other word to show dialog, but maybe that is an editorial problem Regardless, I found myself confused as to the action of the plot, what was happening vs what had already happened For a short book, it took me a very long time to finish it because I was sidetracked by interesting, well written books The only saving grace is I grew up in NE PA and having been a resident [...]

    15. It was alright It wasn t anything extraordinary, but I did quite like this novel It seemed to me that it had no point, no main goal or problem here though I guess, if anything, the whole purpose was getting used to your surroundings no matter how much you hate it And it taught me that you can t blame your problems on your setting you just have to accept where you are and whatever it is you re dealing with I may read again just so I can get maybe a better perception of it, but overall, it wasn t [...]

    16. So glad to finally have read this book Even happier that I found it for free for my kindle Ok, now to the book At first reading this, I wasn t really sure where the book was taking me I had read the summary months prior and did not reread it before I began About 3 4 through the book, the events leading to the climax starting taking place and it starting getting interesting.I have had family members with alcohol addictions and I was thankful that they got to this guy before it was too late Not ev [...]

    17. Pretty good book May have liked it because I m familiar with Scranton I also pictured Ted Mosby from one of my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother as the main character.Light, easy reading about some guys in their 20s from Scranton Fast paced, realistic Seemed to end kind of abruptly Overall, not much to it A 20 something journaling a pretty routine 20 something life and relationship with one stressful event thrown in.

    18. I wasn t sure how much I d like this when I first started reading it, but as you get into it you see how well the characters really complement each other and the language and story together gets to be quite funny and appealing Great read that you don t want to put down Thank you also for having this in the first reads giveaway program and giving me a chance to win and read this Thank you Greg

    19. I read this book in one sitting only because I had lived in Scranton for a few years and attended Marywood, the women s college featured in the story For me, the plot and character development was thin, but it was fun revisiting this town that continues to struggle economically after the depletion of its main resource, coal The language and mindset are not in sync with my own seasoned citizen status but may appeal to a younger reader.

    20. It was an okay read about the lives of people in Scranton NJ If that s a subject that interests you, then you will really enjoy this book It was free which had to have been why I got it Scranton is not a subject that I was chomping at the bit to read about I finished the book so it wasn t an awful book.

    21. I downloaded this because the setting was a town about 90 min from where I live and thought I would feel a connection Glad I didn t pay for it or would have been extremely disappointed The characters were not likable, and while I can curse and swear like the best, I found the constant use of the f word ridiculous Couldn t get to the end even though I realized this was a short story.

    22. I picked this book at random because I liked the cover The first chapter I found hilarious The characters are likeable and realistic and nobody has the perfect life I thought it was refreshing and than once thought it would even make a funny Tv series on HBO or Showtime I do enjoy dark humor because life is full of it, but I genuinely appreciated this read.

    23. this was a fun and quick read A group of guys going through life changes Not so good events with a feel good ending.

    24. I picked this up because I attended college in Scranton and loved the city The story is like one of those train wrecks you can t help watching, but I enjoyed the local color.

    25. waste of my reading time I don t mind too much, though, because I m pretty sure it was one of the free kindle books.

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