Cry In The Dark (2020)

Cry In The Dark The story of the mysterious death of nine week old Azaria Chamberlain near Ayers Rock in While Azaria s mother claimed a dingo had taken her baby she was widely disbelieved The Chamberlains were
  • Title: Cry In The Dark
  • Author: John Bryson
  • ISBN: 9780140121636
  • Page: 107
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  • Cry In The Dark
    The story of the mysterious death of nine week old Azaria Chamberlain near Ayers Rock in 1980 While Azaria s mother claimed a dingo had taken her baby, she was widely disbelieved The Chamberlains were Seventh Day Adventists, and there were rumours that Azaria meant Sacrifice in the Desert.
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    1. Dry but fairly interesting story behind the film A Cry in the Dark, starring Meryl Streep What lifts this book a bit above the regular true crime nonfiction field is it s apparently written in true Australian English, which, apart from the interesting slang, gives you a little insight into the cultural background of Lindy Chamberlain s ordeal A bit long and drawn out, but the author clearly has done a staggering amount of research, which he integrates and popularizes rather skilfully Mainly rea [...]

    2. I was reminded of this book after reading Notgettingenough s review of Who Killed Leanne Holland I read it years ago, but the basic story still sticks in my mind A nine week old child disappeared and the parents claimed it had been taken by a dingo The mother and father were charged with murder despite negative views of the police inquiry The parents were Seventh Day Adventists which led to a series of ridiculous charges regarding false assumptions about their religious beliefs, you know, the us [...]

    3. Heart breaking book, the first half covers the incident and its immediate aftermath Then the second half is all about the mess the police made First half spent almost crying, as it is incredibly written Second half I spent seething, and wanting to throw the book across the room Well written, and incredibly eye opening I m glad I m not Australian, or I would be ashamed

    4. Compulsory reading for anyone claiming the right to an opinion about the Chamberlain case Captures the Australian appetite for opinion over fact perfectly.

    5. I am going to mark this book read, even though true confession I mostly just read the first and last parts I got bogged down in the middle for about a year I gave it 3 stars because it was a faithful exploration of a very famous crime, and if you are interested in true crime and or this case in particular, it is very well written and quite exhaustive If you are a CASUAL observer, though, I would rate this as a 2 star It s just not worth the time it takes to read about every little bit of nappy l [...]

    6. Read the summer of the film A Cry in the Dark, and was glad I had A truly horrifying story of institutionalized prejudice and bumbling police inspectors and how their ineptness compound a family s grief about the death of their child Sadder still that A dingo took my baby has become a laugh line these many years later Anyway, a fantastic bit of crime sociological writing about the Australia of thirty years ago.

    7. very easy to read book By the end of it it was like a transcript of the legal proceedings than anything else and it was a little dry, but overall considering the topic matter it would be pretty difficult to mess this book up.

    8. The basis for the Meryl Streep film A Cry in the Dark The dramatic true story of a mother s worst nightmare and the murder trial that shocked Australia.On a camping trip at Ayer s Rock, the Chamberlain family s infant daughter disappeared in the middle of the night Her distraught mother, Lindy, claimed she saw a dingo carry her off into the Australian outback Two years later, their tragedy worsened when, without a murder weapon, a body, or even a motive, a jury convicted Lindy Chamberlain of kil [...]

    9. This is a classic in not only telling the story of the Chamberlains, particularly Lindy, the mother whose baby was taken by a dingo 20 years ago, but also about how people can be caught up in a maelstrom of media scrutiny.I remember the events so well, and, like the rest of Australia, watched them unfold year by year.The Northern territory government and the media have a lot to answer for The NT remains a backwater of injustice to this day most often directed towards Aborigines, but also, as dem [...]

    10. This is a brilliant book that everyone should read A terrible injustice was done to Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, just so devastating to read and remember the cruelty of the Australian public towards this family and their tiny baby who died a cruel and awful death The focus was on the legal case and police corruption in NT which heavily influenced the outcome for Lindy Terribly sad Her daughter Kahlia was removed at four hours of age after she was born during Lindys incarceration She lost two b [...]

    11. Un libro estremamente attuale in luce di alcuni dei casi nostrani pi famosi, che dovrebbe farci ricordare di non essere troppo rapidi nel decidere della colpevolezza delle persone solo in base a ci che ricordiamo in televisione.Azaria Chamberlain ha 2 mesi e mezzo quando sparisce nel durante una gita ad Ayers Rock nel 1980 Sua madre, Lindy, ha visto un dingo fuggire dalla tenda dove dormiva, ma nei giorni e nelle settimane successive, il pubblico e i media decidono che colpevole, e cos la ritrag [...]

    12. A brilliant expose of the shameful conviction and jailing of Lindy Chamberlain for the supposed murder of her 2 month old baby Azaria at Uluru on the evening of 17th August, 1980, a crime she did not commit and was later pardoned for John Bryson has written a very moving narrative of the events from start to finish This is a story that any Australian over 45 years old would know something about and probably have an opinion on Mrs Chamberlain s guilt or innocence but not necessarily all the detai [...]

    13. Compelling story of a famous murder trialThoughtful and well written this book was an engrossing read for anyone who is a fan of true crime stories.

    14. The book is the real life story of the dingo baby I enjoyed the book but when it got to the trial I thought it was way to detailed.

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    16. This event became Australia s Dreyfuss Affair.It caused immense divisions, heated discussions and smug and self satisfied condemnations of the Chamberlains especially the mother, Lindy And then there was the string of QA Dingo Jokes which were funny and clever, but under the circumstances cruel, insensitive and tasteless.What was stunning was the complete surety and confidence with which people continually condemned Lindy Chamberlain, as if it was an almost personal grievance or vendetta.The med [...]

    17. Although quite dry at times, this book is brilliantly detailed and makes you wonder how Lindy Chamberlain was ever convicted of killing Azaria in the first place The level of incompetence on behalf of the police and forensics team plus the fact that rumour was generally taken for fact resulted in one of the greatest Australian miscarriages of justice I remember being just a kid when Azaria was taken by the dingo and hearing on the news how Azaria s name meant sacrifice in the wilderness nobody d [...]

    18. A fascinating and brilliantly written true crime book The thing I liked the most about it was that John Bryson didn t feel that he needed to rely on filler such as Lindy or Michael s upbringings to make the book, so he didn t I often find information like that boring and not pertaining to the case at all, so I especially liked this book The facts of the case alone made for five hundred gripping pages.

    19. As a piece of journalistic writing rather than fiction, this text relies much on its content to make its case It is clean and real, but not in any way without nuance It provides the Chamberlain case its deserved brevity and strikes deep.

    20. The book was made into the movie A Cry In The Dark staring Meryl Streep.I found the book though to be much intriguing.

    21. More compelling than fiction.I agree Extremely detailed forensic work as well as personality studies Would love to see the movie

    22. A good, if disturbing read about how Lindy Chamberlain was imprisoned for years on a very dubious charge of murder, after a dingo ate her baby on a camping trip to Ayers Rock.

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