Le dragon et le georges (2020)

Le dragon et le georges Jim Eckert was a dragon He hadn t planned it that way but that s what happened when he set out to rescue his betrothed Following her through an erratic astral projection machine Jim suddenly found h
  • Title: Le dragon et le georges
  • Author: Gordon R. Dickson Jean-Paul Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Le dragon et le georges
    Jim Eckert was a dragon He hadn t planned it that way, but that s what happened when he set out to rescue his betrothed Following her through an erratic astral projection machine, Jim suddenly found himself in a cockeyed world locked in the body of a talking dragon named Gorbash.That wouldn t have been so bad if his beloved Angie was also a dragon But in this magicalJim Eckert was a dragon He hadn t planned it that way, but that s what happened when he set out to rescue his betrothed Following her through an erratic astral projection machine, Jim suddenly found himself in a cockeyed world locked in the body of a talking dragon named Gorbash.That wouldn t have been so bad if his beloved Angie was also a dragon But in this magical land, that was not the case Angie had somehow remained a very female human or a george, as the dragons called any human And Jim, no matter what anyone called him, was a dragon.To make matters worse, Angie had been taken prisoner by an evil dragon and was held captive in the impenetrable Loathly Tower So in this land where georges were edible and beasts were magical where speels worked and logic didn t Jim Eckert had a problem And he needed help, by george
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      344 Gordon R. Dickson Jean-Paul Martin
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    1. A Dragon George fierce and big as a house who will jump up on a tree to avoid fighting with a knight in shining armour I kid you not my friends he jumps and stays perched up on a tree A huge and fearsome English wolf who will purr like a kitten when a beautiful maiden scratches him between his ears A powerful wizard with a bad case of stomach ulcer, mere dragons and outlaws and let us not forget not one but two ladies in bad need of rescue.Add in a few harpies and other evil creatures as well as [...]

    2. For a moment he felt a sort of desperate hunger for the kind of life that had existed in the European Middle Ages of his medievalist studies A time in which problems took the shapes of flesh and blood opponents, instead of impalpable situations arising out of academic cloak and dagger politics Jim is young and bright university graduate, planning to get married to his girlfriend Angie, but they struggle with poor paid jobs and backstabbing from the entrenched older teachers He gets his wish as a [...]

    3. Pure funrather unorthodox and original when it showed up I read this and several of the sequels Not the regular hero slays dragon story as the hero IS the dragon Humorous adventure.Jim Eckert finds himself in one of the most spectacularly frustrating and weird situations that has been imagined in the worlds of fantasy In a quest to rescue his girl friend who s been aported to another world apparently aported there by a crazy professor who can t get her back, but offers to send Jim after her Jim [...]

    4. In most fantasy novels, the hero typically a knight slays the villian typically a dragon and saves someone again, typically, a princess This novel turns those conventions on their ear When a science experiment runs afoul of the laws of physics, the main character, Jim, and his love interest, Angie, are sucked into a fantasy realm Angie is quickly taken hostage by the realm s inhabitants Jim s fate isn t much better it comes as no mild shock to him that he inexplicably finds himself in the body o [...]

    5. An absolutely perfect Fantasy novel A timeless classic Light hearted and very fast paced It belongs on every Fantasy fan s reading list.

    6. I read this book almost 40 years ago It was one of my first fantasy reads, and I loved it I recently ran across it and 5 or 6 that Dickson had written in the series I had not read any but the first and decided to refresh my memory and re read it Like many memories from our youth, it wasn t quite as good as I remembered, however, I did enjoy it enough to want to read in the series and see what happened to the characters The writing is a bit dated and the story is simpler than most of the fantas [...]

    7. One of my favourite movies when I was growing up was The Flight of Dragons Many years later, I was in a thrift store and saw this book and on discovering that the movie was loosely based on it I decided to buy it.For those who have watched the movie you should be aware that it is VERY loosely based on the book The basic concept of a 20th century man being sent back to a historic fantasy world and trapped in a dragons body is there and the characters from the movie are in the book too, but the st [...]

    8. I first read perhaps all of these books back in high school, and from that era, they re the only genre series I ve actually come back to and still liked Not that there aren t issues there are plenty.But that s why I ve just added a guilty pleasures shelf, because it s far too late for me to actually come up with reasons why I like them so much I ll have to come back to it later maybe after I check out the second book, tomorrow.

    9. Dickson s modern man goes medieval fantasy novel is enjoyable and easy to read, if a little silly in places and very much of the fantasy literature of its time, i.e Dungeons and Dragons by way of Mark Twain goofiness and Conan The Barbarian world building The characters are fun and the premise is charming, but the story often veers away from what s really interesting and loses focus both when it attempts to explain its own messy internal logic and when it tries to humanize its medieval entourage [...]

    10. I first read this book 12 years ago This summer, my siblings and I decided to read it together So I did, and reviewed it Then I rediscovered my first review They re very similar, which goes a long way toward my classification as a broken record Here are both 2005 I ve wanted to read this novel ever since I found out that it was the inspiration for the animated movie Flight of Dragons you know, the one with James Eckert, the contemporary academic who finds himself trapped in a mystical age in the [...]

    11. 2.5I had severe issues with the blandness of many characters, the short changing of the action scenes and the relatively inconsequential plot I also admit my bias to having adored Flight of Dragons as a child, and this book pretty much only shares character names and the idea of a man transported into a dragon s body I prefer the movie characters, though some of them are fleshed out in this version I just don t like how they are fleshed out I don t find any particularly interesting, with maybe [...]

    12. While the writing is, I suppose, a little dated, I am absolutely in love with the story and these characters I had picked up one of the later books in the series without realizing it was a series, and while it probably could have stood alone, I wanted to know what exactly was going on, so I went and found the first one I guess I can t give this an impartial review because I ve read the whole series and know so much about the world and how magic works there which is one of the reasons why I love [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book, as, even though it was written almost 40 years ago, many of the issues are still relevant We have rampant unemployment, price gouging by landlords, employers who take advantage of desparate workers, and an economy which enables all those injustices to thrive I enjoyed watching as the character Jim grew and learned something about himself, and finding that he did not like all that he saw He used that knowledge to begin changing his actions, and even though the effect was not [...]

    14. 3.5I started to lose interest when all the companions were together and kept facing 2 page obstacles fog and darkness and sandmirks toward the end because they knew where they were going, but it got better Jim made some stupid mistakes, but he had a couple moments Also, I liked the end better than I expected The people of this world were rough, but Jim came to recognize the necessity of that.The Auditing Department could seem like it was just there to grant Deus Ex Machina moments, but I thought [...]

    15. Our Hero gets whisked away to another world, a world with knight, trolls and wizards, where he needs to fight the forces of darkness to rescue his true love Sound familiar But there s a twist, in this new world he is a dragon Dickson born in my home town of Edmonton according to has taken a familiar set up added the dragon element and created an enjoyable if familiar tale I would like to have seen about dragons though I don t believe this was explored as much as it could have been, leaving the [...]

    16. The Dragon Knight series starts with this novel and is and will be one of my most favorite series until the day I die It s about a young man who is transported into the body of a dragon in a medieval fantasy world in search of the woman he loves Check it out, read this book and the second in the series, if you aren t hooked by then you have permission to punch me square in the face.

    17. I only had about 20 pages to finish up for the new year, and it would feel like cheating to have twenty pages count towards a whole new book in 2017 First off, big shout out to my dad and sister Lisa for taking pictures of pages 252 279 the end, so that I could finish this borrowed library book despite flying back to France Not to mention my mom for requesting the book from the local library in the first place You three are awesome Now, on to the review portion this book caught my eye when roami [...]

    18. I m just finishing the 9th book in this series I ve really enjoyed the series I d read The Dragon and the George years and years ago, lol back when I was young and carefree lol I did not know then , and in fact not until about a month ago that there were now so many in the series Of course back in the day, there was just the first book My adviceIf you like dragons, knights in armour, magick , crusty mages, unusual companions, people misplaced in time, and making the best of a situation becoming [...]

    19. I can t really point at anything that was particularly good in this book It s just been too long since I read a book with actual heroes who go out to defeat evil and rescue their loved ones without angsting about it for half a book first There s also no backstabbing or ulterior motives Such a breath of fresh air Although I prefer science fiction stories, I like my heroes fantasy style The story itself is pretty cookie cutter Like a lot of fantasy, the hero is from our reality and somehow gets su [...]

    20. As a curiosity I decided to read this tome in preparation for my summer family s reunion during which we decided to re watch a favorite movie from our youth Flight of Dragons This book is one of two source books upon which the movie is based.Some brief thoughts I absolutely loved the idea behind a magic auditing department Loved reading the passages that made it into the movie in some form or another Didn t quite get who the main villain was in the book In the movie it was an evil wizard but he [...]

    21. In the story the dragon and the George a guy who became a dragon was to rescue her promised wife from an evil dragon who slaved her but he can t rescue her on his own he goes to a magic land were there is brave Georges and he needs the help of one of them only the strongest and the bravest then after all that of picking one George he found him then they both went to the mountain were the evil dragon was and rescued the dragons promised wife The conflict was between the good dragon and the evil d [...]

    22. Gordon R Dickson s The Dragon and the George is a fine start to his Dragon Knight series The universe Dickson describes is interesting and the plot well done The characters behavior might be a bit simple at times, but that gives the book it s charm Well, maybe charm is the wrong word There s a lot of dark stuff happening here, so it s not a light, fluffy book But, it is refreshing My only significant issue with it is that as he approaches way points in the story, he tends to keep adding addition [...]

    23. This book was a 2.5 on the border between being worth the read and not The set up was silly and contrived at best The story was uninspired, basically the main character wanders around meeting other characters who pretty much immediately volunteer to risk their lives for him They then go fight he the big bad The audio book contained something like the first chapter of book 2 in the series and it seemed just as dumb Unfortunately I spent money on this book because of how much I enjoyed Dickson s D [...]

    24. Another blast from my past I remembered laughing as I read it years ago I laughed again And yet, there were things to think about what is honor, what is bravery, what is the right thing to do I loved these thoughts than my younger self did What is clear is it is an excellent fantasy that has held up well.If you like fantasy and haven t read this, go forth, find a copy, and read it now

    25. Remembering that I read this book in high school, I decided to refresh my memory of it and read it again Back then, I know I would have given this book 5 5 but it seems my tastes have matured a bit since then If you want a story that has a little bit of magic, a quest, some dragons, some danger, friendship and romance with a quirky group of characters then you could do worse.

    26. A Gem, Classic Fantasy with a hint of PratchettA fun fantasy frolic, following the adventures of a man and his girlfriend wooshed into a land straight out of a classic 1980s fantasy novel The magic system is classic , with the twist of the Auditing Department adding humor Solid 5 stars, don t know why I never heard of these books before I ll be being reading them

    27. Oldie but goodieI think the dragon knight was the first in a long series of transformative protagonists and the authors mastery of description shall keep our knight ad one of the best.

    28. This book was so boring The description of James flying as a dragon, and the part where they are preparing to storm the castle which took several chapters , it just went on and on This book had too many words and not enough action.

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