'Tis Pity She's a Whore (2020)

Tis Pity She s a Whore One of the most controversal plays in drama literature this play s treatment of the subject of incest and the portrayal of the morality of the protagonist has made this play one of the most studied i
  • Title: 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
  • Author: JohnFord Martin Wiggins
  • ISBN: 9780713650600
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
    One of the most controversal plays in drama literature, this play s treatment of the subject of incest and the portrayal of the morality of the protagonist has made this play one of the most studied in history.It is one of the most psychologically powerful and intellectually challenging tragedies produced in the early years of King Charles I s reign and 20th century directOne of the most controversal plays in drama literature, this play s treatment of the subject of incest and the portrayal of the morality of the protagonist has made this play one of the most studied in history.It is one of the most psychologically powerful and intellectually challenging tragedies produced in the early years of King Charles I s reign and 20th century directors have found inspiration from the play in theatrical and film adaptations and productions.In the plot Annabella, accompanied by her down to earth nurse, is introduced to a series of suitors to her hand She finds all of them unsatisfactory and rightly so, for the audience knows that the nastiest of them is having an affair with her domineering aunt.Eventually she is wooed by a sensitive and passionate young man whose love she returns but this young man happens to be her own brother, Giovanni When they consummate their love and she, to avoid the scandal of extramarital pregnancy, agrees to marry her aunt s lover, the tragic outcome is inevitable.
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    1. While the theme of incestuous love is teased at in John Webster s The Dulcess of Malfi, the controversial Tis Pity She s a Whore smacks the Jacobean Theater audience with a brother sister love While the play outwardly condemns the abhorrent taboo with the presence of church leaders to provide moral and ethical authority figures, Ford challenges the audience his audience with his juxtaposition of this otherwise romantic love between Giovanni and Annabella with the normal yet abhorrent relationshi [...]

    2. This is one of the most disturbing plays from an era of disturbing plays The title is not accurate She isn t, you know, but her lust for her brother is beyond control and so is his for her Around the edges of the paly is the suggestion that everything would be fine if people would just leave them alone Unfortunately, readers are so focused on the incestous theme and the great set piece at the end of the story, that few notice that the play is very much about property matters Could the incest the [...]

    3. I have such mixed feelings about this play I need to see it live to see if my hatred for Giovanni is justified and if some of the decisions feel as forced.

    4. I suppose this is cheating as I went to see this last night at The Globe s indoor theatre having read it many years ago , but since the production was very text focussed and after all it is drama, I feel I can justify it Published in 1633, the play is a direct, often humorous and finally bloody tragedy Annabel is an eligible virgin of marriageable age who has many suitors vying for her hand a well connected soldier, and eligible bachelor and a young blustering fool Unfortunately when her brother [...]

    5. From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Compassionate and disturbing, John Ford s great story of doomed love between a brother and sister in this new, visceral production for radio, intercut with the music of Jimi Hendrix and Nick Cave.Annabella Jessie Buckley,Giovanni Damien MolonySignor Florio Niall Buggy, Putana Fenella Woolgar, Friar Bonaventura Oliver Cotton Lord Soranzo Matthew Pidgeon, Vasques Enzo Cilenti, Hippolita Indira Varma.Grimaldi Gary Duncan, Cardinal Neil McCaul, Officer Adam Fitzgerald Dor [...]

    6. One of the great plays of the era with a very good introduction About that introduction It showed me much I had not considered, but barely mentions issues of property and inheritance I think this drives the story and certainly drives the ending that Dr Wiggins realizes, so that is a loss Four stars for the introduction and five for the play, which puts the score at much closer to four stars than five DO NOT use these comments as an excuse to skip the introduction which is excellent for its smar [...]

    7. This play breaks lots of barriers move over Duchess of Malfi, there s a werewolf in town A must read Now that I ve read it, it s a must see If a production of this comes to the area, I m there.

    8. I actually screamed WHAT THE FUCK GIOVANNI during Act 5 Scene 5 DAMN What an emotional roller coaster.

    9. I hadn t planned on reading Tis Pity She s A Whore when I saw Elizabeth s review, though I enjoyed the resulting thread In fact, at first I thought it was about a new book by this John Ford The title certainly sounded like something he would write But Fate had other plans when she revealed an Italian film version of it while I was browsing on Netflix I figured I hadn t much to lose in devoting a couple of hours to reading the play and watching the movie.Though this isn t Roger Ebert, I ll dispen [...]

    10. I read this play for my Shakespeare s Rivals course at the Newberry Library in Chicago This was easily one of my favorite courses in college, not only because of the location, professor, resources, etc, but also because of the subject matter The way things are now, you d think Shakespeare was the only one who wrote anything in the 16 17th centuries This, along with Edward II, was one of my favorite materials for the class The general storyline A brother and sister fall in love, she gets knocked [...]

    11. yes, i totally read this play for its title.what i m not a huge fan of carolinian drama but this one i actually sort of enjoyed the premise is just so risque an incestuous love affair between a brother and sister it feels subversive just reading it i have to admire the stones john ford must have had in dramatizing this particular story even if his intent was to condemn his protagonist for his sacrilegious view of love his lack of success in fulfilling his objective, however, mars the play s trag [...]

    12. Read this play for an audition claims that Ford was the predominant playwright during the reign of Charles I Anyway, it s a verse play and is interesting to compare to Shakespeare although I fear it suffers by the comparison The language is much clear than Shakespeare but the images are not half so rich It s a shocker though By the end of the first page we learn that the central plot revolves around an incestuous relationship between a brother and a sister By then end it devolves into a full ou [...]

    13. Transgression Transgression And, oh yeah, transgression What bloody good play sorry, couldn t help it I read since I m going to a production by the UK s Cheek by Jowl pretty soon, and had absolutely no idea what it was about Let me sum it up for you incest Which is bad ass in it s own right, plus there are some really cool lines, for example, the title And also this stage direction Giovanni enters carrying a knife with a heart on it Not kidding.There is a lot going on in this play than that, a [...]

    14. coming back to the thoughts about blood that i couldn t quite shake off from my readings of middleton, tis pity is pregnant with imagery of blood as gilt guilt, blood as the thousand little lives that annabella as woman is capable of begetting, blood as family and blood as lust, blood stirred to incestual desire, blood warmed to revenge there is a very visceral sense of hunger, the grotesque labour of love by which giovanni slices annabella s body from womb upwards to deliver her not of her chil [...]

    15. I ve been in this one as Florio and I found it an extremely hard play to perform because it has such strange lurching in tone, I could never work out whether my character was a tragic one, a comic one or just a walking plot exposition device If we are going for nutty tragedies, I much prefer Revenger s Tragedy It s a good title though, give it that.

    16. Wow Without a doubt one of the craziest plays I ve ever read Read in relationship to Cheek by Jowl s intriguing but flawed production at BAM, this a play I plan to return to again and again How unusual to read such a multifaceted portrayal of incest I don t know of another one It also made me very curious to explore the whole revenge genre I m woefully ignorant one.

    17. Gory Jacobean revenge tragedy with the usual dark themes incest, violence, murder, and intrigue The text builds suspense up to the climactic final scene I would also recommend going to see this play at a theatre.

    18. A really weird and twisted Romeo and Juliet meets Othello kind of a tragedy with an emphasis on the twisted Reading this is like watching a horrible car wreck, in which you simply cannot take your eyes away no matter how hard you try.

    19. Takes a bit of getting used to, this kind of language Understood and enjoyed the play a lot as I read on 4 acts and a lot of scenes later, I really like it

    20. Incest aside, this is actually a really entertaining, well written play just don t be fooled by the title, it s a tragedy, not a comedy.

    21. Disturbing, memorable Think of a grade B horror film crossed with Shakespeare, and directed by David Cronenberg.

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